Looking after an elderly relative is a great privilege, but it is not without its responsibilities. Despite the best intentions and care, it is impossible to be with your loved one at all hours of the day, every day. That’s where professional services come into play; adding intrinsic value to the life of your elderly relative and giving you peace of mind knowing they are being assisted with their daily needs.

When it comes time for these difficult discussions and considerations, you must understand all the options to make sure you arrive at a solution that befits the needs of your loved one. Respite care is a service that has been improving the lives of countless Australians and may be worth considering for your special relative.

Flexible in design

Many families take pause when choosing respite care in NSW, as selecting the right care option for a loved one can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, respite care isn’t necessarily a permanent solution, but rather a short-term arrangement to meet the individual need. Families can opt for a short stay following a hospital visit, or if a carer is unavailable for scheduled home visits. Care quality should not be compromised if plans change, so consider a shorter respite care visit. These occasions also serve as a way of introducing the respite care experience, before you and your elderly relative commit to residential care permanently.

Regulated health

Medical management becomes a key priority in our golden years, and visits to the doctor can become more frequent. Overwhelmed by what is required, critical care can sometimes be overlooked.

Respite care is the ultimate way to stay diligent with medical management, with trained professionals not only conscious of your daily health requirements but committed to seeing them optimised Outside of general practice medical, respite care also facilitates access to health specialists like physiotherapy, podiatry, and dentistry. Enjoy that sigh of relief in knowing that your elderly relative is in the hands of the medically trained, who practice a relationship-based model of care.

More than just medical care

Your loved one has needs that extend far beyond medication and safe housing. Respite care caters to more than the fundamentals, offering exercise programs and social outings so your elderly relative can continue to experience and embrace the world around them.

There is also regular access to a range of onsite offerings like cafes, libraries, hairdressers, and transport to visit specialists. Respite care is designed to make life as comfortable as possible, complete with in-room television, award-winning food and hotel services, and a genuine focus on wellbeing and social interaction. This transition can even be shared with a significant other, with single and shared room options.

When the time comes to discuss the future of you elderly loved one, it is imperative that you understand all your options, so that you can best manage the health and wellbeing of this special person. Respite care is a widely popular solution around the globe, simply for the full service and care that can be given to your loved one. Whether you are considering a short-term or longer stay, find out more about the experience and inclusions that have been enriching the lives of so many.