Mattress safety is of prime importance to you because you are constantly exposed to and bombarded with harmful chemicals every day. The products that are used by you daily including the personal care products, household cleaning supplies, plastic containers, air fresheners, and pollutants present in the air expose you to some hazardous chemicals that could ruin your health and happiness. So you simply do not want a mattress full of chemicals, especially, because you spend a third of your entire life on your bed. It is, therefore, doubly important for you to be extra careful and watch out for the harsh chemicals in your mattress that could impact your health and well-being adversely.

Flame Retardants

Many of you are not aware that several of the mattresses available today, in the market are actually manufactured with chemicals. They are then treated with flame retardants that are harsh chemicals for your system. It is mandatory as per the law that all mattresses need to be treated effectively with any kind of flame retardant. It is a kind of chemical that safeguards the mattress from catching fire. The flame retardants that are used in mattresses could be containing any of the chemicals like antimony, boric acid, decabromodiphenyl oxide, etc. Antimony and Decabromodiphenyl oxide are supposed to be suspected carcinogens, implying that they trigger cancer. Moreover, boric acid is associated with reproductive glitches. Pentabde has been banned for use especially, in mattresses because of health concerns. Research has revealed that flame retardants may trigger nervous system, liver, and thyroid issues. Buy a new mattress if you are having a mattress as old as the one manufactured before 2004 because way back then the mattress may have been exposed to this agent.Consider the distinctive features of the addable mattress before buying the mattress.

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addable mattress


Some manufacturers of mattresses often treat their products with melamine resin, which is a plastic-like chemical giving off formaldehyde. This harsh chemical has been associated with cancer. Laboratory animals,when exposed to formaldehyde,seem to develop cancer definitely at a much higher rate. So experts believe that formaldehyde may trigger cancer and is really harmful to human beings. Individuals who are sensitive to formaldehyde could be developing signs of the throat and even lung irritation, skin irritation and itchy eyes when exposed to formaldehyde.

Phthalates Presentin Crib Mattresses

Mattress for a baby’s crib poses various risks and trigger health issues just the same way as an adult mattress. A baby’s mattress is treated with vinyl for making it water-proof. Vinyl is comprised of harmful chemicals called phthalates. These are pretty volatile and easily enter the air. Animal studies and research show that phthalates disrupt hormones, they damage organs like kidney, lungs, liver, and reproductive systems.Phthalates are associated with cancer and infertility in animals.


Many of you concentrate on detoxing your body by juicing. However, you must focus on the mattress you are using and your environment. Your mattress would be releasing chemicals. It is high time you considered replacing your mattress.

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