Taking care of our teeth and gums is important. We have this drummed into us from a very early age and for good reason. The mouth is a receptacle for bacteria. It may be odd to think of it that way but consider it carefully.

We chew and grind food with our teeth several times a day, and drink through the mouth. Food leaves debris behind in the spaces between the teeth and on the gums. This detritus is attractive to bacteria as is the warm and moist nature of the mouth. 

In fact, if poorly cared for, the mouth can become the unhealthiest part of the body, and very quickly too. Not only do we brush or floss when we have been taught to, but many people also gargle mouthwash for even greater cleanliness.

Plus, we regularly see a dentist to check everything is fine. Teeth can become chipped and damaged, gums may become infected and diseased, and abscesses can be a problem. These are just a few of the problems that good oral hygiene intends to prevent. So, how to choose a dentist in Wollongong?

How Do I Choose a Dentist in Wollongong

Finding a Dentist in Wollongong

Run a search for dentist Wollongong and you may be surprised how many there are. There are a lot of people to cater for, hence the market is a busy one. All dentists will have the relevant qualifications and certificates, but how do you find one that suits you? Well, you could start by running that search and then make a shortlist of those that are convenient to you. Remember to consider the travel time to the dentist, and also that city centre surgeries will likely be more expensive than those in the suburbs. 

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Next, check out a few. Visit them and ask if you can look around – tell them you are looking for a new dentist and they will be happy to answer questions – and see if it’s a nice, relaxed place or is a rush all the time.

The former suggests a well-run surgery that will be a pleasure to visit (as much as a dentist appointment can be) while the latter may be over-subscribed or understaffed. While dental care is essential you still need to find a dentist you are comfortable with and with whom you are happy taking care of your teeth.

Talk To the Dentist

The next thing you need to do is arrange for an initial consultation with the dentists of your choice. Perhaps not for an examination, but to get to know them, check out their credentials and experience, and see if you like them.

You need to be relaxed in the company of a dentist as they will be quite intimate in their dealings with you, so take the time to get to know them. If you happen to have any ongoing problems with your mouth, teeth or gums let them know, and ask what their ability is in dealing with your particular problem.

You may also make use of friends and family or those you work with and ask for recommendations. If someone has stayed with the same dentist for a length of time it is a sign the are good and worth considering. Finally, remember that the cost of dental care in Australia will vary depending on where you are and want treatment you are undergoing.

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Final Verdict

Make sure any dentist you choose is open and honest about their rates, and make sure they outline any services that will cost extra. Start with that web search, and you’ll soon find a dentist you can rely on.