Clean Teeth Health Benefits to Having a Perfect SmileOral health affects the entire body. When people practice good oral hygiene, they reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes while increasing their self-esteem. Oral diseases take a toll on the entire body. To keep health optimum, children and adults alike must practice good oral hygiene and promptly seek treatment for any oral disease.

Oral Health Affects General Health

When it comes to oral health, more than your teeth are at stake. Oral health problems cause pain and even disability for millions of Americans. Diseases like cavities, oral cancer, and periodontal disease have devastating impacts on people’s overall quality of life. Taxpayers also spend billions each year on oral health problems. Good oral hygiene practices and dental care prevent many of these diseases.

Heart Disease and Diabetes Connection

The CDC also notes that poor oral health has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. Plaque builds in the mouth and then spreads throughout the body. It can seep into the blood stream, damaging the heart. Also, sugary beverages and foods do more than just rot teeth. They also put you on the road to diabetes. By practicing good oral hygiene and dietary habits, you protect not just your teeth, but also your heart, while reducing diabetes risk.

A Great Smile Increases Well-Being

The CDC notes that good oral health increases self-esteem, speaking ability, and the ability to display emotions. When your smile is damaged by poor oral health, smiling can cause embarrassment. A person’s voice can also be affected, limiting social and professional opportunities. This can lead to feeling inhibited about displaying emotions. The good news is that with advances in dentistry, these problems can be fixed.

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Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Unpleasant and costly dental work can so often be avoided through good oral hygiene habits. Every night you should be brushing your teeth and after each meal and especially before bed. Make sure you are also flossing every day, and using mouth wash regularly.

This helps to prevent serious gum disease and protects your teeth. This may seem like a no-brainer, but is absolutely vital for good oral health. The dental practice also notes the importance of regular dental checkups, like from Valley Oak Dental Group Inc. or a similar dentist in your area.

Professional cleanings remove damaging plaque that brushing and flossing alone leave behind. When necessary, dentists apply additional preventative measures, such as sealants, which prevent tooth decay from progressing to a cavity. Dental checkups also assist in creating a healthy diet that avoids foods and drinks which damage teeth and general health.

Oral health plays a crucial role in physical and mental health. When it suffers, the entire body suffers. By keeping teeth clean and treating any disease, people can look forward to enjoying a bright smile their entire lives.