The comprehensive medical exam is a commitment on the part of healthcare providers and the people who receive this invaluable service as well. This is not your standard in and out office visit where everything is discussed in thirty minutes or less. Instead, it is a five-hour event in which you will be examined from head to toe and all points in between. Why make this investment? Because you are worth it and this is an investment in your health today and in the future.

Comprehensive Medical Exam

Gauges the Current State of Your Health

If you’ve never experienced a comprehensive health check up before you’re in for a bit of culture shock when you shop up for your first examination. It is an event that involves many moving parts including a consultation with the nurse in which your medical history, family history, immunizations, and health concerns are addressed.
Beyond that, it offers your physician, whom you will meet with at the end of the day once all the other test results and information are in, an opportunity to get a “big picture” image of your health. This is critical so that he or she can determine where to begin with your treatment, if necessary, and help you establish long and short-term goals for the state of your health.

Helps Your Physician Get to Know You

One of the most important things you can do for the sake of your health is develop a strong, trusting relationship with your physician. That’s something that can’t be done in micro-office visits once or twice a year. The relationship between a person and his or her physician is one that will reward you exponentially as it grows.
You need the time to develop the kind of relationship necessary to offer full disclosure and open honesty when discussing health concerns and fears. The more your physician knows about your risks, health history, and health concerns; the better able your physician will be to address those concerns, relieve those fears, and treat the things that are affecting you.

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Digs Down to the Nuts and Bolts of Your Health

A comprehensive health assessment doesn’t simply rely on vital signs and a visual inspection to help determine the state of your health. It digs down deep, below the surface of your skin, to determine the true state of your health with vaccination reviews, laboratory tests, abdominal ultrasounds, hearing and vision screenings, fitness assessments, and consultations with a nutritionist to help you eat for better health all around.

There is no one size fits all approach to medicine that works for every single patient every single time. The comprehensive medical exam, however, offers you and your physician a perfect foundation for building an impactful treatment program that will help you establish and achieve your own, personal, goals for your health today and in the future. That is why it is so important for you to consider an annual comprehensive medical examination as a core component of your overall healthcare plan.