Healthy teeth and gums are pre-requisites to a charming smile! Think for yourself, what is the first thing that draws your attention, the moment you meet a person for the first time? It’s obvious, that if the person has a pleasant look and personality, you will feel happy to be in the presence of that person. But if the person has a dazzling smile, chances are you will notice that first and remember it for a long time! You will be won over by a person if he/she has a great smile. However, not all of us can flaunt a perfect smile.

But there’s nothing to worry! As today, new age dentistry has enabled us to work on our dental flaws and get that perfect smile. In-depth research has been carried on by medical experts on dental and gum issues that today can get corrected by 3D imaging software.

The era of smile makeovers

Today, along with image makeovers, there are smile makeovers too! Simply put, a smile makeover is all about a cosmetic rebuilding of your front teeth that might have become discolored or got chipped because of some accident. Based on your present condition, your orthodontist might make use of composite veneers, whitening solutions, lithium crowns, ceramic laminates and many more. All these treatments replace gummy smiles with great smiles that match your face and personality.

While on the procedure, your dental surgeon, will consider other parameters such as positioning, color, shade, shape, and length of the individual teeth structure. They will examine the lip line, smile line and also the teeth that get shown when one smiles. The orthodontists work in a way so that no smile makeover looks forced and doctored. The idea is to let the smile have its natural look, but free from the problems that it previously had.

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The popularity of teeth whitening

In recent times, teeth whitening has gained much demand! Daily life habits such as poor dental hygiene and excess smoking, caffeine consumption or calorie intake, often result in teeth losing their pearly white sheen. Here the process of scaling and polishing comes to use. These two processes are two of the most used whitening treatments for the average individual today.

Do you need a solution for your broken, discolored or chipped teeth? If yes, then you can resort to the latest Nanocomposites that are gaining prominence today! These composites come in the color of your tooth and also have the same teeth-like texture. It can be used and shaped in such a way to replicate the missing part of your existing teeth. After that, it gets solidified using a blue halogen light. When finished, the look is natural.

Opt-in for ceramic veneers

Another element that is popular for smile correction is the ceramic veneers along with the various metal-free choices. When it gets combined with teeth braces, it is instrumental in closing the gaps in the teeth. It also helps in treating misaligned teeth and can cover the internal stains completely. In recent times, both advanced braces and bands have paved the path for useful alternatives for irregular and misaligned teeth correction. Today, Incognito, Clearpath and Invisalign are a couple of other types of lingual braces have gained prominence amongst those who decide to seek orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment and dental issues detection

Most dentists and orthodontic surgeons have revealed that they have discovered their patients have many dental issues, during the treatment phase. The dental problems include the following:

  • Pulp reaction
  • Teeth cavities of multiple levels
  • Accumulation of plaques close to teeth and gums
  • Teeth mobility
  • Root resorption
  • Excess space between each tooth
  • Systemic problems
  • Dental treatment outcomes that were unsatisfactory
  • Malocclusion.
  • The occurrence of Orofacial soft-tissue trauma
  • TMJ problems
  • Psychological trauma
  • Dental ailments like Peridontitis and Gingivitis that’s caused by microorganisms such as Fusobacterium nucleatum, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythensis, and Prevotella intermedia. These micro-organisms have an impact on the periodontal structure and can lead to gradual tooth decay. Sometimes, teeth issues also lead to digestive and other health issues. Hence, detecting and correcting it at an earlier stage is the best way out.
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Importance of good dental hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential before, after as well as during orthodontic treatment. It enables people to take the complete onus of their dental health. And when you follow a stable and good dental hygiene, you automatically stay clear from all the complications that can arise due to poor gum and dental health.

Simple everyday oral care is essential in minimizing tooth decay and also maintaining healthy gums and teeth. It includes the following:

  • Correct and timely brushing
  • Regular fluoride mouth rinsing
  • Inter-dental cleaning
  • Resorting to disclosing the agent
  • Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash

To avert any complications, it is essential to seek a customized dental check-up. Not everyone suffers from the same dental issues. Someone might be affected by bad breath and someone else by plaques. The treatment varies. And it is essential to ask for a customized dental care regime.

The advantages of proper orthodontic treatment are manifold! Some people might think that orthodontics is all about placing a brace inside the patient’s mouth. That is not true. Correct orthodontics is all about the bond between the patient and the dentists and the work that’s done to cure the patient of his/her dental issues. It is all about the co-operation and faith that the patient needs to have on the dental surgeon to relieve him/her from the existing dental ailments.

Furthermore, patients who are keen and get enthused about their treatment, gain most in the end. They will be happy to see the results at the end of the treatment tenure. It is essential to take guidance from your orthodontists on a regular basis while the treatment is on. Other than merely treating the dental issue, an expert orthodontist also suggests a future dental care regime for the patient.