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The modern brace is far superior to the original ones, but the aim remains the same. That’s to reposition the teeth slowly without damaging the mouth, to create a better smile and even bite. It’s effective.

Of course, it’s best to use a reputable dentist such as this Invisalign Little Bay dentist.

There are 5 distinct benefits to using Invisalign braces:

  1. Invisible

As the name suggests, these braces are virtually invisible once they are fitted. Although braces are far more common than previously, there are still plenty of people that feel self-conscious about wearing them.

Invisalign braces are completely clear, making them invisible and allowing you to smile with confidence. That’s a life-saver for many people.

  1. Comfort

The Invisalign brace is a tray that is custom made to fit into your mouth. It’s made of smooth plastic, preventing the risk of sharp edges that can cut your tongue or gums.

The smooth surface slots perfectly into your mouth, feeling like it has always been there; In next to no time you’ll forget you’re wearing braces.

  1. Cleanliness

The Invisalign braces can be removed easily by you at home. That allows you to take them out before you brush and floss your teeth. This helps to ensure your teeth stay clean and prevents plaque buildup. That’s good for tooth health and your mouth overall. As a bonus, you can also wash the removed trays. It’s best to use a little toothpaste on your toothbrush and lightly scrub them under the water.

Pop them back in and you’re good to go, with a clean mouth and smile.

  1. No Food Restrictions
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Traditional braces generally mean you can’t eat certain foods, specifically anything sticky, chewy, or too hard. This risks damaging the braces or creating a buildup of food debris that will cause teeth issues.

But, this isn’t an issue with the Invisalign trays. Once they are in place you can continue to eat any foods you like.

That allows you to continue living a normal life while your teeth are slowly moved into the right position.

  1. Perfect Teeth

The end aim for any brace is to give your teeth that are nicely aligned. This improves your bite and your smile.

Invisalign braces do this job exceptionally well. They’re invisible while being used and leave you with a smile that you’ll be happy to show off to anyone. The nature of these braces ensures that the teeth move uniformly, reducing the risk of complications.

In short, the results speak for themselves. Once you see how good your teeth have become or checked out the results others have gained, you won’t question why this is potentially the best brace currently available.

Of course, you will need plenty of dental appointments to assess and adjust everything, ensuring the right progress is being made.