Our body is a tremendous gift from God and to nourish it well is an investment. It is the foremost priority to take care of this temple. Which is the primary reason for people leading a healthy life by keeping themselves fit. Now the main question is, does achieving a healthy life mean keeping oneself fit? The answer to this question is; No. A healthy life consists of both physical and mental fitness. It is the desire of every person to keep his mind sharp and body firm. Life is a blessing, and people work hard to enjoy every second of it. So living a decent life has become the dream of many individuals. But achieving a healthy life requires quite some struggle and tough decisions, but the results are always promising.


Once you commit the daily routine to a healthy regime, you will start to feel the difference in a couple of days. From having a firm body to an active mind, the advantages spread across and are beneficial in increasing life longevity and immunity against many diseases. The mind and body in their optimal condition are always prepared to fight. It is similar to a gladiator in the arena prepared for the worst challenges to come with no fear. The question occurs on how one can achieve a healthy lifestyle. The primary step is to exercise daily and keep the height-weight ratio on optimal levels because obesity is the mother of all chronic diseases. Following a balanced diet is crucial but exercising is the building block as well. Many doctors recommend you have some routine checkups every six months, e.g., CBC’s, cholesterol tests, or glucose level tests. Many labs remind us when the checkups are required, like Primex labs, to monitor our health. Routine checkup helps in evaluating the current position of the body and keep us up-to-date.

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Many guidelines are given by experts to keep yourself healthy as written below:


Maintain a balanced diet

Usually, superfoods are chosen based on taste or quantity, toss that concept out of the window, and focus on the nutrients. The most vital components for the body include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. People usually think fats are hazardous, but the truth lies beyond it. Yes! Fats can be dangerous for cardiovascular patients and people suffering from obesity, but only when consumed in an abundant amount. Fats provide us the energy to work on tasks requiring high strength. They are the best sources of calories and help in almost every job.


Further, knowledge on the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats is necessary. Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Saturated are animal fats, while unsaturated are vegetable fats, and saturated fats are solid at room temperature while unsaturated are soluble. Try to keep the intake of saturated fats low.



Exercise is essential for both physical fitness and mental fitness. As it keeps your vitals stable, heart well functioned, cardio system flowing, burn fats, and makes muscles strong. A study has shown that daily exercise stimulates brain cell growth, increases the cognitive thinking of individuals. According to the study, after 30, brain activity starts decreasing but adopting a healthy lifestyle diet and daily exercises can stimulate brain cells’ growth.


Now the question is which exercise and for how long is adequate for a healthy life? Well, staying healthy does not suggest becoming an athlete. It would help if you did some moderate exercises like a brisk walk, yoga, jogging, or aerobics. Gradually take steps to change your routine like taking stairs instead of an elevator or going for a walk during lunch break, and planning a physical activity with family on weekends.

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Reduce sugar and salt intake

Salt and sugar are the royalties when it comes to taste buds. But their excess can cause many problems for us. Reduce salt and sugar intake and work on how to lead a moderate life. High salt and sugar intake can cause high blood pressure and increases the probability of diabetes. Both are injurious to health and should be limited. Here are a few tips to reduce salt

  1. When buying groceries, buy things with lower sodium.
  2. Substitute salt with stock or spices.
  1. If you have a sweet tooth, lower the intake of sugar by replacing it with fruits.


Eat regularly

Eating at the prescribed times and in the accurate proportions daily is the right equation towards a healthy life. Eat every meal with proportionality. Never skip breakfast and replace it with lunch because the body requires its fuel in the morning the most. Avoid snacks and other junk food during mealtime and use healthy food like yogurts, dried fruits, or vegetables for munching.

Think positive

Last but not least is always to think positively. Being optimistic can do wonders because what we believe is what we perform. Our body releases chemicals that harnesses our body while we are confident. Facing problems and challenges is a significant part of life but being pessimistic is a disease. It is beneficial to refrain from groups and situations that are toxic.



Staying fit and healthy is a dream of every person, and it has become mainstream. But a healthy life requires efforts which most people are not able to take. Respect yourself enough to make time to train your mind and body and become a prime example of a healthy individual.