If you think that Botox is a wonderful remedy that can only help you attain a younger looking skin then think again. The truth is, its benefits are much beyond that, and its demand growing at a staggering percentage is enough proof of it. No wonder people’s fascination with this fabulous drug continues to rise.

The Many Health Benefits of Using Botox

Take a look at the many health benefits of using Botox:

  • Eye Conditions- Botox can be used for treating different eye conditions. Doctors interestingly use Botox injections often can help in addressing issues like blepharospasm and strabismus. The former is a condition which will force to close the eyelids popularly known as the rapid eye blinking. The latter is a misalignment caused to the eyes which are called crossed eyed. Botox can treat both conditions. To know more, consult the best Botox NYC
  • Extreme Sweating- The next benefit of using Botox is for controlling excessive sweating. It will inhibit the sweat glands thereby stifling sweat production. This medical condition has a proper name-Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis.
  • Overactive Bladder Treatment- Botox received the green flag even from FDA to treat patients that have an overactive bladder. People above 18 can use Botox as a treatment, but it is the last resort usually. Prior to prescribing Botox other types of medicines are given and trailed. The patient can rely on Botox if other medicines fail to work. The symptoms here include wetting or leaking accidents, frequent requirement to urinate or a strong desire to urinate. As per a study it has been proved that about 75% women that complained of an overactive bladder, as well as used Botox, reduced their leaking times from 5 to just 2 times a day.
  • Sexual Issues- Botox has also created a name for treating different types of sex-related problems such as painful sex. It is common in people that experience vaginal contractions or pelvic floor spasms. Men too can benefit from Botox especially those that suffer from premature ejaculation. Here Botox injection is injected into the penis directly for relaxing the muscle that in turn will delay the ejaculation. Botox furthermore is of late a part of the clinical trial for assessing whether this can act as an ideal treatment when it comes to ED (Erectile Dysfunction).
  • Migraine Relief- The FDA in 2010 approved Botox as a treatment to treat people having chronic migraine. Some 12 years back before the approval of Botox, a plastic surgeon had noticed that people who used Botox had fewer headaches. This observation, later on, triggered more research on this field that resulted in the medicine which we have today. 31 injections are used in total and in different areas. Its effects will last for about 3 Further injections indeed may be used after this.
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm- Research at present is in progress when it comes to the bond between irregular heartbeats and Botox. Research is on for establishing whether it will act as an effective treatment to prevent abnormal heartbeat patterns after open-heart
  • Cold Hands- Botox has also been proved successful for treating people having extremely cold hands. Here, Botox is directly injected into the hand which will relax the muscle which will enclose the blood vessels that are constricted. This is a major cause of improper circulation of blood which results in coldness. The moment the vessels relax as well as expand, there will be a flow of blood in the hands and the fingertips. It will make the hands warmer and offer relief for about 3
  • Mental Illness- As per clinical trials, Botox is known to relieve common symptoms related to depression. The Botox administration functions on the facial feedback hypothesis. In fact, this theory will speculate that one’s facial expressions will influence their mood. As per a study conducted in 2014 on 74 patients having major depressive disorder revealed that 50% of people that used Botox experienced a decrease in their depression symptoms. More trials are being done to delve deep into this matter.
  • Scarring Resulting from Cleft Lips- There is enough study for backing up this. More than 4440 babies on an average are born every year having a cleft lip. The majority undergo surgery for rectifying this condition. In fact, some doctors have injected Botox on babies to hold the muscles thereby giving them higher chance to heal, and this has actually
  • Neck Spasms- Prior to Botox getting its popularity in the plastic surgery domain, this was utilized for treating neck spasms. Botox has proved to reduce pain significantly in people suffering from chronic neck pain due to CD (Cervical Dystonia). Botox is injected directly in the muscle which consequently blocks the signals which resulted in painful muscle tightening.
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Some Side Effects

The above is some of the key health benefits of using Botox. Most people have a general concept about Botox but do not know how it works. Simply put, Botox is a protein that is highly purified and when injected can cut down the muscle activity which causes a lot of health issues right from the skin, eye to the neck and more. Within some days of getting the treatment, Botox will help in relaxing the muscles. A single treatment of Botox will last for about 3-4 months. The best part about Botox is that it will work just wonders both for the body as well as one’s self-esteem no matter one desires to appear 5 years younger, stop sweating, reduce neck spasms or reduce depression, Botox can have you covered. When used as suggested Botox is considered safe, relatively safe. Some common side effects of taking Botox are temporary bruising especially on the application area. The other side effects include neck pain, headache, tiredness, temporary vision difficulties, headache, discomfort at the site of the injection and dry mouth.

The bottom line is, should you wish to try Botox consult a Botox specialist. They can answer all your queries and advice you with the ideal treatment that will be the finest for you.