The air compression leg massager is a device in which pressure is applied to the legs to promote blood flow and lymphatic circulation. This apparatus is used air in the legs cuff to create the peristaltic pulses. It relaxes your leg muscles and speeds the up the recovery period of the body. The veins pump the blood and flush the toxic and unwanted metals from the body in an effective way.

By using the air compression leg massager, your body will recover fast and allow you to walk and work properly.

Does air compressor leg massager improve the blood circulation?

Wearing the leg compressor on your legs regularly improves the blood circulation in the body. It encourages the lymphatic drainage in the body by which you can easily flush out the waste and unwanted material from the body. Moreover, medical issues and injuries can also be cover from this machine.

This air compression leg massager allows the legs and arms to show complete and stable circulation of the blood after high impact workout.

How they work?

The main purpose of these machines is to improve the lymphatic and blood flow in the body. It also nourishes the cells and allow the waste products to eliminate from the body.

Moreover, they also stimulate the natural pain killers like endorphins and amino acids to secret in the body that provides pain release benefits. It is the main promise of air compression leg massager machine.

Pressure is applied in the form of air pockets relaxes the muscles and encourages the blood flow of the body. The massagers come with different intensities of pressure. You can easily change them according to your need.

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High-risk populations:

Many factors lead to an increase in the chance of getting clot of DVT. The critical factors are immobilization that may be occurring because of recent surgery.  Mobility may also be limited because of long travelling and some medical conditions like stroke or inflammatory disease.

Some people also have inherited disorders that lead to clot formation in the leg or arm. This clot formation is most common in pregnant ladies. The other risks include smokers, obese people and other individuals.

Moreover, cancer treatment also increases the risk of patients forming a clot that leads to DVT.

Air Compression leg massager for LymphedemaLymphedema:

As it is described earlier that air compressor leg machine is useful for the people suffering from circulating issue like LymphedemaLymphedema. Lymphedema is the condition that is caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid under the skin. The pronged condition may lead to the damaging of organs because it limits the limb moment.

Although there is no cure for these diseases, you can control by leg massager. The intermitted pulses manage the blood circulation and allow the lymph fluid to circulate in the body. The health professional will suggest the time and rate of pressure before the usage.

Air compression  leg massager for varicose veins:

Enlarged and twisted veins that commonly found in legs are known as varicose veins. These weekend valves decrease the blood flow to the heart that may damage the other organs.

According to recent research, the leg compressor machine increases the blood flow in the veins and improves the quality of life. Along with varicose veins, this machine is also helpful in treating against deep vein thrombosis.

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The leg compressor machine prevents the blood from clotting and provides full blood circulation. Regular use of this machine also prevents you from new clot formation that occurs due to long travelling or immobility.

Although the air compression leg massager cannot eliminate these medical conditions, it provides you relation. You will feel light and active when the pressure is applied to the ankle and foot.

Is the air compression leg massager recommended for everyone?

There are many people who cannot use air compressor leg massagers due to some medical reasons. People suffering from deep vein thrombosis are not allowed to use this apparatus.

Moreover, it is important to know that falling asleep during the use of machine is not suitable. It is recommended to use the apparatus actively only on the specified areas. Furthermore, you can also recommend with the doctor or read the instructional package before use the air compression leg massager machine.