5 Signs Your Child Needs to See the Dentist

Dental health is important for people of all ages. A healthy smile reduces your risk of needing expensive dental work later and actually improves your overall health. Though your child probably won’t tell you that he or she needs to see a dentist, there are some signs you can watch out for that indicate a trip is necessary.

Tooth Discolorations

Many children develop white or tan spots on their teeth that parents tend to ignore. Though you might think that cavities will present as darker spots on their teeth, an early cavity may appear white, yellow or even tan. Taking a trip to the dentist reduces the risk of a cavity getting worse. They have the professional dental tools required for simple or complex operations, if necessary.

Adult Teeth Coming In

As children age, their adult teeth begin coming in and their baby teeth fall out. If you think that baby teeth just automatically fall out, think again. Adult teeth can come in on top of a baby tooth. As more adult teeth come in, the mouth becomes more crowded and can cause pain or make the adult teeth shift positions. Getting to a dentist reduces the risk that your child may need braces.

Tooth Sensitivity

Small children and toddlers may not complain when they suffer from a toothache because they don’t know how to put that pain into words. Watching your child eat can help you determine if your son or daughter suffers from a toothache. The tooth sensitivity that comes along with that pain can often limit the foods your child can eat. You will often notice that your child can no longer handle foods that are extremely hot or cold like ice cream or soup.

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Clicking Jaw

If your child’s jaw clicks or makes a popping sound when he or she chews, this could be a sign that your child needs braces. Those noises while chewing can sometimes indicate a misalignment in the jaw, which usually means that the child has an over bite or an under bite. A trip to a qualified dentist, such as Waterford Dental, can help you determine if your child needs braces or has symptoms of TMJ.

Gum Pain and Inflammation

Another sign your child needs to see a dentist is when he or she suffers from both gum pain and inflammation in the gums. This inflammation will make the gums look bright red or pink, and kids may have white patches on their gums too. This can indicate bacteria, a cavity, or gum disease.

While some kids have a fear of dentists, there are times when you need to get your child to a dentist. Regular appointments can help evade emergencies. However, being on the watch for symptoms like tooth sensitivity, gum pain or splotches on the teeth can help you know when to make an appointment before your children are due for their next checkup.