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When you find out that someone you love has stage 4 cancer, it can be devastating to the entire family. There are questions that you might have about treatment options and the length of time that the family member has left. It can be frightening to think about the tests and the procedures that the person will go through, but there are a few ways that you can help to make any hospital stay that is required as comfortable as possible.

Find the Best Facility

There are probably a few hospitals to choose from that would offer good care for your family member. However, when someone you love is battling a disease like cancer and there are few options to consider, you want the best instead of something that’s just good. There is an effort being put into hospitals to offer the latest technology and the latest design features so that patients are comfortable. Perform research about the hospital and the staff who work there. Read reviews to get a better idea as to what to expect when your family member is a patient.

Meet With the Professionals

Don’t let your loved one meet with a doctor or another professional alone. There is a variety of information that could be given, some that could be hard for the person to handle alone. You can also be a support system when your loved one is getting a procedure done to treat cancer or an MRI scan to see if the cancer is still spreading or if it has slowed down. The scan will likely be done by someone with a bachelor’s degree in radiology, so it’s important to ask as many questions as you can to get an idea of what the scan will detect and how long it will take to get the results.


Make the Room Feel Like Home

Bring a few items from home that your family member enjoys. It could be a blanket, a pillow or even a special picture to hang on the wall. If the room feels comforting and more like a bedroom in the home, then it can help to alleviate some of the fears associated with the noises that are heard and the procedures that are done.

Offer Activities

At times, being in a hospital bed all day can get tiring, especially if you can’t get up to move around. Take a card game, a crossword puzzle or another activity that your family member will like doing to curb the boredom that can set in while at a hospital. You could also make a small basket with various activities instead of just one or two things that might be set aside.

Cancer is a word that you usually don’t want to hear. It doesn’t have to be as devastating for your family member if you offer support and strength. Try to be involved as much as possible whether it’s sitting in the room or going with your family member when tests are performed so that the person knows someone cares.