When you’re deciding whether or not to have cosmetic surgery, the most important thing you need to spend time researching is your surgeon. You need to know the risks involved and what the procedure entails. They will be your number one point of contact for asking questions so it’s important you pick someone you feel safe and comfortable with.




You want to find a cosmetic surgeon you can trust. One of the most important things you need to find out is their qualifications and experience. Cosmetic surgery can come with risks, so you want to be confident in the ability of the person performing the procedure. This isn’t just for the surgery itself, but for everything leading up to it and any aftercare involved. Consultants will be happy to any, and all, questions that you’ll have.


Ask Questions


You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your potential surgeon questions. Cosmetic surgery is a life-altering procedure so you want to be clear about everything it entails. The NHS has provided a list of questions you can ask during your initial consultation. These include asking about their experience, who’s going to look after you, and how much the surgery will cost. They should give you time after to think about whether you want to carry on. It’s also important to note you should avoid treatment vouchers, or practitioners who only advertise on social media.


Location, Location


This one may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of cosmetic surgery, but you need to think about where in the country you’re getting the procedure done. You may have found the perfect place, but it’s hours away from where you live. What if you need several visits? Can you get between your home and the clinic easily? You need to ensure it’s convenient for you. Some medical groups have clinics around the country, whereas others are based in one location. You need to research and plan your trip accordingly.

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Once you know your surgeon is experienced and highly-qualified, you need to ask yourself: how comfortable are you with them? You’ll be talking about your physical appearance and could be feeling very vulnerable. Some women prefer to have their procedures by women because of this.


There is so much that goes into cosmetic surgery so it’s important you seek professional insight to help you figure out whether or not the process is right for you. What do you think makes a good cosmetic surgeon?photo 1504813184591 01572f98c85f