Home Remedies to Cure Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can cause severe pains and might lead to discomfort as well. Knees belong to complex part within our body and are prone to injuries. They undergo stress when we bend, walk, run, climb, jump etc. All such physical activities affect our knees and they gradually become weak.

There are several medications available today and such treatments are expensive and might cause side effects which might even worsen this situation. However, there are several home remedies which are effective in curing knee injuries and help reduce swelling of knees as well. Here are few such home remedies which can help reduce the pain caused due to knee injuries.

Ice pack:

When you knee gets injured or when your knee gets swollen use ice pack therapy. Take few ice cubes and put them in ice bag. Compress it over the affected area and this can provide an instant relief. Repeat it several times till you get relief from knee injury. Follow this remedy till the pain subsides.


Elevate your leg and this practice can help reduce accumulation of fluids which can in turn help in healing the injury. Put two or three pillows under you leg or elevate your leg on a couch or a table.


This is another effective way to treat knee injuries. Wrap an elastic bandage over the injured knee. Wrapping bandage around the affected area can help reduce accumulation of fluids around the injured knee. Tightly wrap your bandage but ensure that it is little loose enough so that there would be no red indentations.

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Milk and turmeric:

Milk and turmeric is a fantastic combination to heal knee injuries. Take a glass of warm milk and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Turmeric and milk can help improve your bone strength and this is an effective way to treat this condition.

Coconut oil:

Oil massaging over the affected area can help treat knee injury. Take a cup of coconut oil and dilute it. Apply it on the affected knee area and massage it gently. Ensure that there is no discomfort while massaging and repeat it several times till you get relief from knee pains and other discomforts such as swellings due to knee injury. Oil massaging can help improve blood circulation thereby reducing pain caused due to knee injury.

Turmeric and edible lime:

This is yet another effective remedy which can help reduce knee injury and the discomforts caused due to this condition. Prepare a thick paste of turmeric with edible lime and apply it on the affected knee area. This paste when applied on your knee injury can provide relief from knee injury and knee pains. Apply this paste over the knee injury and leave it overnight. Gently massage it in the early morning and remove it with a wet sponge. This is one such effective ways to treat knee injuries.