How To Get Rid of White Hair

White hair is often considered as the sign of wisdom, but it can create huge embarrassment for many. When people start getting white hair due to some health issues or due to ageing, they often search for several ways to get rid of this condition. Firstly, they start undergoing treatments in spa and parlors and get their hair dyed with several colors which can actually give a trendy look but can damage your hair in the long run as such hair dyes contain chemicals. However, some people don’t like the artificial hair colors and try following several home remedies which can help treat whitening of hair naturally. Besides practicing few home remedies you should also follow healthy diet as well.

Here are few such herbal remedies which can help cure this condition without causing any side effects.

Sesame seeds with almond oil:

Sesame seeds and almond oil can help reduce growth of white hair. Prepare a paste of grounded sesame seeds along with almond oil and apply it over your scalp. This remedy can help reduce white hair growth naturally and also adds shine to your hair. To prepare this mixture, you have to take one spoonful of sesame seeds and few tablespoons of almond oil. Apply this mixture and gently massage your hair follicles. Rinse off with mild shampoo and follow this remedy twice a week to see visible results.


You can use jojoba oil, carrot root oil and fenugreek oil to darken your white hair. Dilute it and apply it over your scalp. This remedy works effectively in reducing the growth of white hair. This remedy can also help darken your white hair within few months. To prepare this solution, you need to add 6-7 tablespoons of jojoba oil and one spoonful each of carrot root oil and fenugreek oil and apply it on scalp. Follow this remedy twice a week to see visible results.

Blackstrap molasses:

To get rid of this condition and get back your original dark hair, you need to prepare a mixture of blackstrap molasses along with apple cider vinegar and consume it regularly. A mixture of 4 ounce of water along with one tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses when consumed regularly can help reduce the formation of white hair. It is suggested to consume this solution after your first meal and once a day. However, patients suffering from diabetes should not consume this solution.

Protein foods:

You need to include lots of protein rich foods such as soy, eggs etc. Protein rich foods can help reduce white hair count and can also provide lustrous long hair.


Stress is one important reason behind the formation of white hair. Practice yoga regularly and get rid of the stress to lead a happy and relaxed life.