Ever since vaping products were introduced, they have taken the market by storm. Even if you have never smoked before, you may be tempted to vape because of the hype surrounding vaping. At the same time, many more smokers are switching to vaping. This is largely because vaping can be done in social places and it is not associated with the health hazards that arise from smoking traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are a great invention, especially to smokers. You can vape in public places and will no longer be irritated by the smell of cigarette smoke. As the popularity of e-cigarettes keeps increasing, another vaping product has been introduced: e-hookahs.

Both e-cigarettes and e-hookahs are similar but still have some differences regarding flavor, the amount of vapour produced, and even the preparation. In this article, we are going to compare the two most famous vaping products.

Smoking environment

As noted earlier, these two products are very similar. If you have to choose between the two, then your smoking environment will matter most. E-cigarettes last as long as your battery while e-hookahs can last for a considerably longer time. This means that if you want to spend more time vaping, then you will opt for an e-hookah.

Because of the lasting nature of e-hookahs, it is the best vaping option in social places or when you are hanging out with friends. Although they are not as convenient as e-cigarettes, they have the advantage of being larger and more recreational. The good thing is that these two vaping products and other vaping accessories can be purchased online from reputable manufacturers like ePuffer.


Mostly e-cigarettes contain some nicotine and flavors. On the other hand, e-hookah products are mostly nicotine-free and also flavored. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. For smokers to stick to vaping without going back to the harmful habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarettes must contain some nicotine.

E-cigarettes require constant care, maintenance, changing of parts, and refilling of the e-juices since they are not disposable. We now have different device designs including customizable ones. Once you own the device, all you have to do to vape is push a button.

On the other hand, e-hookahs heat the e-liquids using suction. That is why they are more recreational and social in nature. At the same time, they can be disposed of when the e-liquid is used up. They require little maintenance and assembly. As a result, they are cheaper compared to e-cigarettes.

Flavors and vapour

When powered on, both e-cigarettes and e-hookah produce vapour. The difference is the size of the vapour clouds produced. E-hookahs produce massive cloud sizes compared to e-cigarettes. If you prefer more vapour, then an e-hookah is the option for you. Both e-cigarette and e-hookah products come in multiple flavors with e-hookah products having a relatively stronger flavor. All in all, the flavors come in a wide variety to enhance your vaping experience.

Since the introduction of the e-cigarettes, they have been ranked among the top selling products. As the vaping market looks more promising, entrepreneurs are also joining the wagon, and this is evident with the introduction of e-hookahs. E-cigarettes and e-hookahs might differ in a few ways, but they are both appealing to consumers.