There are various ways to enhance butt size, but one very interesting way that most people choose are butt injections. It seems like a logical choice, but this butt enhancement option should be considered carefully, and each woman should weigh out the pros and cons before making a decision.

We’ve gone ahead and done some research on the facts regarding butt injections, to provide you with some answers that you might have regarding the whole process of butt injection.

Butt Injection

What is butt injections?

Butt injection is a medical procedure where a substance is injected into your butt to make it larger. It can be done using a variety of substances, but only one type is approved by the FDA.

If the right technique is used, the medical procedure is approved by the FDA. In this procedure, fats are removed through liposuction from other parts of the body, and they are transferred to butts and hips to create a curvy shape. The process also separates and removes broken fat cells before they are transferred to butts.

Substances that are used for butt enhancement

Apart from fats from the body, silicone and collagen are also used in butt injections. However these substances are not approved by the FDA, and their utilization can lead to serious consequences.

Butt Injections v/s Butt implants

Butt implants possess higher risk than butt injections. The process only focuses on the enhancement of the butt without providing a proper shape. Let us assume someone having a square butt requires butt enhancement. Now, in but implant surgery, the person will be left with a super large square butt. Whereas this complication will not be there with butt injections. It is a very safe procedure where the enhancement of butt is done maintaining the shape that the client requests.

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Recovery Time

The recovery time after the medical procedure of the butt injections depends on the amount of fat transferred from various parts of the body. The period can vary from ten to eleven days of discomfort and three to four weeks before the client is fully cured and pain-free.

What happens if you lose or gain weight?

If you lose weight after the medical procedure of the butt injections, butts will also reduce along with the rest of the body. Thus, to maintain the size and shape of your butt after the procedure, it is advisable to stick to your prescribed diet and abstain from losing weight.

Most people with thin body feature tend to gain weight in hopes of attaining a larger butt, but instead, they end up being overweight. It is advisable not to gain weight in hopes of enhancing butt size rather stick to other natural methods of butt enhancement.