It often seems like our New Year’s resolutions fall apart after we hit the first few roadblocks, and this includes the resolution to shed some weight and get in shape. Whether you want to get your body ready for bikini season or finally complete that 10K race, read ahead for a look at six great ways to stick to your weight loss goals this coming year.

1. Ditch the Liquid Calories
Any beverage that is not water should be consumed as sparingly as possible. No matter how clean your diet might be, all it takes is a few extra soda per week to add thousands of calories to your diet along with huge amounts of sugar.

2. Create a Meal Prep Day
Picking one afternoon a week to prep meals for the next seven days will allow you to carefully monitor almost everything you eat. Cooking in large quantities will also provide you with a number of additional benefits including saving time and money.

3. Fill Your Home, Car, and Office with Healthy Snacks
Starving yourself because there is nothing healthy to eat is going to chip away at your self-control. Keeping healthy snacks with you at all times will keep you full and help you avoid those vending machines and fast food runs.

4. Dust Off Your Bike
Anyone with an old bike lying around has access to one of the safest and most effective weight loss tools. Companies such as Random Bike Parts will help you get your bicycle back to perfect working condition and prepare you for daily commutes, afternoon rides, and weekend adventures.

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5. Skip the Gym
Trying to get back into the gym after taking multiple months or even years off is overwhelming. In addition to biking, start looking for ways that you can burn calories doing fun activities. This might include weekend hikes with the family or signing up for an adult’s sports league.

6. Get More Sleep
Studies have revealed that your sleep schedule plays a major role in your metabolism and your ability to lose weight. Failing to get enough restorative sleep will often result in binge eating and cravings for sugar to help you acquire enough energy.

Shedding weight and keeping it off is going to require some major lifestyle changes. This includes rethinking what you eat, how you exercise, and why you have made these goals in the first place.