Every human being is a bright individual with unique features – the looks included. In most matters related to one’s appearance, there can’t be a standard; everything is great and acceptable, as long as it suits one’s taste. Excluding, perhaps, those issues that are directly related to health and well-being. I mean, a triple round of teeth is hardly something easy to live with, right?

Similarly, some other issues of the body should be treated for the sole purpose of living a healthy life. Take excess weight for an example. A disorder underestimated by thousands and neglected by millions of people all around the world – a real global pandemic in the modern era. Excess weight and obesity can significantly lower one’s quality of life (including dating) and even lead to serious cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Absolutely no offence or disrespect intended, but have you ever thought about how much are you losing due to excess weight or how dreadfully can it affect your dating life? Well, here’s a brief list.

  1. A great range of exciting activities become either very hard to take part in or impossible at all. Sky diving, alpinism and tree climbing, dancing or just long romantic walks. A person with excess weight would most likely have a lot of difficulties engaging in these and many other activities, which otherwise would be a terrific thing to try out on a date!
  2. Many couples like dressing up in a mutual style, and this can be a problem for someone with big sizes. And things escalate quickly when we think about a Halloween party, for example. An obese Batman may be hilarious, a curvy Wonder woman can still be utterly beautiful, but sometimes you’d want to be a little more canonic, wouldn’t you? With the right weight, you’d have a lot more freedom of choice and availability of options to dress up.
  3. That’s right, excess weight and obesity can be the cause of snoring. It’s lucky of you if your date has a deep and healthy sleep, but otherwise this can be a real and exhausting problem. Good news is that if you lose enough weight, the snoring may subside for good.
  4. Gondolas in Venice have a weight limit of about 230 lbs. If you don’t want that delicate and romantic boat dramatically turning into a mini version of Titanic, it’s better to start taking care of that extra pounds before embarking on your trip.
  5. Self-confidence. Only a happy few of overweight people are blessed with the joyful and flamboyant attitude that opens thousands of in life. Unfortunately, the rest of them constantly suffer from a certain level of uncertainty and self-pity, mostly due to the countless unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. Needless to say, dating a self-doubting and insecure person can hardly be pleasant.
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This list can go on and on, but in my opinion, these are the main points. Now here’s the question: how can this issue be fixed? Moreover, can this be turned into an activity for two, when your date will support you through your weight-loss journey or even take part in it with you? Luckily, yes, that’s absolutely possible.

In fact, solving the problems of everyday life together is an experience that binds souls together, filling them with that special feeling of importance to each other. When we help out our loved ones, we make the spiritual bonds connecting us deeper and stronger. As the saying goes, “the couple, that slays together, stays together”. For sure, slaying extra weight counts too!

And this can fun, really. So, contrary to the awful previous list, let us now make another one with ideas on how can a couple start losing weight together!

  1. Exercise together. Start jogging in the mornings or visiting a gym together, and maybe add a bit of friendly competition into the matter. This can turn the once boring and exhausting physical activities into a healthy game for two. (Ref : Yoga and fitness)
  2. Support each other. Every now and then, one of you (or both simultaneously) will feel the craving for stuff that won’t cut your weight, but even add a couple of pounds. To overcome that urge can be hard sometimes, especially on your own, so support and counseling from the people we value can play a great role in achieving success here. Talk it through, share your emotions, listen with attention and hug a lot. Together, it will be easy to stay on the chosen weight-loss track.
  3. Explore new diet drops. Especially the scientifically amazing ones – lose weight and learn new stuff at the same time! For example, the HCGdropsratings.com; they have given 21 reasons why should everyone use HCG drops for weight loss . Did you know that it’s based on the effects of a hormone present in the human body during pregnancy? Open up a book of hCG diet recipes with your date and cook something amazing for that fabulous hormone to work with.
  4. Celebrate every milestone. 10 pounds lost? 20? Or maybe you’ve got a whole 50 pounds of the counter already? Throw a healthy party to celebrate that! Grab your loved one, put on some party hats, cook a couple of delicious dishes together, take selfies. This is an achievement for you two!
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  5. Engage in activities that were once impossible. That’s right, perfect time to visit Venice and take that gondola trip you’ve both been dreaming about for ages! If you try out plenty of new experiences and savor the emotions that they bring – you’ll never again let your body drown in fat, no. You’ll feel how amazing life can be – and live it to the fullest, in a healthy and fit way.
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Of course, both the first and second list are just a tiny fragment of what’s really happening when you either become overweight or do your best to solve the problem. There’s a lot more to that.

But one thing is for sure. Excess weight can give a very hard time to your dating life, but if approached in a creative manner, it can also become the basis for lots of new activities and mutual experiences. As well as everything in life, in fact. Remember that dating someone is not just about visiting fancy restaurants and chilling through the weekends. It’s about a genuine care for each other, open-hearted support and thoughtful help whenever it may be needed.