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With 2018 in full swing, it’s time to start putting your resolutions into motion. If you’re unsure of where to start, let’s begin with a fairly common resolution-to be healthy. Being healthier can start with simply changing a few of your bad habits and adopting some healthy ones. Here are three healthy habits you can develop for the New Year.


Find Time to Exercise

You hear it all the time from your physician, family members, and even commercials. While hearing the same piece of advice constantly can be annoying, it’s being repeated for a reason. Exercise can change your life in amazing ways. One thing you should keep in mind when beginning an exercise routine is that exercise can be many different things. You don’t have to purchase one of those expensive exercise machines for your home or visit the gym five days a week. Getting healthful, beneficial daily exercise can be as simple as taking a half hour walk around your neighborhood. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The same is true for using exercise as a way to become healthier. Start simple by taking a small walk every day and watch your life begin to change.


Get Your Yearly Medical Examinations

While you may feel healthy and energetic right now, you have no idea what type of underlying medical condition could be forming in your body that hasn’t fully developed. The benefit of undergoing a yearly physical is just as important as a preventative measure as it is for an assessment of your current health status. The best way to treat a medical condition is to catch it as early as possible. This dedication to a yearly examination should also extend to a dental checkup. Your teeth need to be professionally cleaned at least twice a year to keep your gums healthy and to catch any cavities or other dental issues that might be lurking in your mouth. It’s easy to find a clinic like Accent Dental that works with your insurance and keeps your teeth healthy. For women, you should definitely consider scheduling an appointment to have your reproductive system examined to ensure that there are no cysts forming and that your uterus is healthy.

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Find More Time for Leisure

We all want to work hard because we know that the rewards from hard work are what keeps a roof over our heads and food in the refrigerator. The only issue with working hard is that it can wear us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is important to your health for you to find a balance between working hard and playing hard. You should consider dedicating one day from your weekend to being a day strictly for leisure. Go on a hike, go kayaking, build something, play with your family, or even spend the day lounging in a chair with a book. Leisure time will help you to recharge your physical and mental batteries so you can tackle your next work week with a refreshed spirit and a rested body.


Don’t forget to try to eat a little healthier this year than you did last year. You don’t have to go full vegan, but try eating an apple or a banana instead of a bag of chips every now and then. Every little healthy decision will help you in some small way.