Modern society lives on processed foods. From the meat you eat for dinner to the convenient entrees your kids pop in the microwave, the practice of eating processed food has become an integrated part of nearly everyone’s daily experience. While these foods are convenient, make no mistake about the fact that processed foods comprise a multi-billion dollar industry that is increasing with new and exciting products every day. The following are a few ideas about processed foods of which you may not be presently aware.


Omega Fats in Processed Foods

When it comes to the balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in processed foods, it is common for manufacturers to pile on the omega 6 fatty acids. The reason this is concerning to many health professionals is that too many omega 6 fatty acids turn on the inflammation centers of the body. This can cause people to feel pain all over their body. This is why people who eat mostly processed foods tend to exhibit inflammatory health problems. However, your favorite processed convenience foods can still be enjoyed without too many problems when you compensate by adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet which helps to bring the inflammation down. Diets higher in fish and other forms of seafood will help to bring your dietary balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids back into a normalized range for best results if you are big on eating processed foods.


Over Consumption of Certain Ingredients

When eating processed foods, you should be aware that you can tend to overeat certain ingredients. Many of these products contain varying amounts of sugar, soybean oil, and other ingredients that are certainly okay in moderate amounts. Provided that you are aware how much you are consuming, this can make processed foods a viable part of your diet. Common sense should tell you that too much of certain common ingredients are not healthy. In this light, you can be a well-informed and healthy consumer of processed foods.

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Concentrated Portions

Many processed foods, sometimes termed superfood blends, are designed to be extremely nutrient dense. Used as supplements, these medical grade powders and meal replacements can help to ensure a greater vitality and improved health. These processed food blends are particularly important for people interested in bodybuilding and body sculpting.



When it comes to the equipment used in processing food, everything from a ribbon mixer to weigh belt conveyors are used to formulate and transfer ingredients in precise amounts. Using tight control standards helps to ensure that each product contains the same ratios of ingredients to guarantee consistency in your favorite food brands. This means you get the same amounts, the same taste and ultimately the same quality you expect to receive in the foods you most enjoy eating.


Longer Shelf Life

Even though you have probably eaten processed foods all your life, modern advancements in food preparation and storage have helped to increase the shelf life of many of these products. The longer you are able to store your processed foods, the more viable processed foods become as a long-term solution to cutting food costs. This includes even the use of packaging designed to mitigate the effects of oxidization and other processes that have been known to reduce shelf life in the past.


Processed foods make life easier to manage. Reducing our time in the kitchen, these products are both tasty and a major part of a modern, fast-paced society on the move. Without processed foods, you would be forced to waste far more time preparing your own foods at home. Not only would this be more time-consuming, but it would tend to be more costly too.

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