Gain Your Freedom 4 Benefits Of Independent Housing

Many retired and disabled individuals and couples find it difficult to live as independently as they did when they were younger. Some people no longer have the physical strength or energy to maintain their houses and property, struggle now and then with tasks or have no one to check in on them daily or come rushing to their aid when they have an emergency. Independent housing is the perfect solution with plenty of benefits.

The Comforts of Home

Nursing homes usually only offer residents a single or shared room for their comfort with a bathroom and possibly a TV, and they are really designed for people who do not have the ability to physically take care of themselves. Independent housing communities typically offer accommodations with 1,000 square feet or more of space that includes master and guest bedrooms, full kitchens, one or more bathrooms and a garage.

Round the Clock Support

Independent housing sites provide daily check-ins, monitoring and emergency support by certified health and security professionals. These communities also typically supply other services for those times residents need a little extra care when they do no feel well enough to cook or drive. For example, a community might offer one or more on-site cafeterias or dining halls or transport to local pharmacies and shopping centers.

Landscaping and Maintenance Help

Some communities allow residents to handle their own landscaping and maintenance and provide supplemental support when there are difficulties. That said, you can also find communities that provide all outdoor services. Technicians at an independent living site might maintain your lawn and/or garden, perform household repairs, clear away snow or ice and pick up your trash. Some communities even have a mechanic on call to help with vehicle repairs.

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On-Site Recreational and Health Offerings

Independent housing retirement communities make certain to provide on-site recreational and health opportunities that match many of the hobbies and needs of their residents, such as parks, outdoor walking and biking trails and even boating and fishing opportunities. Indoor recreational facilities might include a library or games and crafts area. Health services might include a fitness center, pool, tennis court or golf course, a health center and/or a hair salon.

You might not have to enter or stay in a nursing home if you find yourself struggling with some daily life tasks. An independent housing community can help you retain or gain back much of your freedom. As you get more involved within your residential neighborhood you’ll find small victories of independence will come back as well.