The destruction of these insects, which are capable of the most direct way to poison our lives, often becomes a real problem. Increasingly, there are questions about how to deal with pests, trapped in the house. It is worth remembering that the mistakes made in the process of removing bugs, may be the reason that the insects are not just will not be destroyed, but will be fruitful even more actively. Bed bugs are insects that can adapt quite well to various chemical drugs due to which developed during the evolution of the adaptive mechanism. Thus, the annihilation illiterate bugs using chemistry may cause the insects to adapt chemical means.

We must remember that a wholly-owned pest control requires a certain range of the knowledge that will help to get rid of insect forever. Warm housing, where people used to live, is an ideal habitat for the bugs. Also, there is currently no means of bedbugs, which would have provided a universal effect. Pursuing answers to questions about how to destroy the pests, you can explore the following sources of information:

Ask acquaintances, friends, and relatives;

Find reviews about preparations on the forums on the Internet;

Consult an expert who will prompt the most appropriate scheme to solve the problem.

In any case, the Board will recommend to people is a tool that helped him or seems the most appropriate. We must not forget the fact that the room may be contaminated by insects in different ways: some more, some less. This leads to the choice of means, which will poison the insects.

How to completely destroy the bugs?

In that case, if it is self-destroying insects without involving professionals should know by what means it can be done. Here is a list of drugs that are poison for the bugs and can help solve the problem.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs

Liquids for baiting bugs: Het(Get);Forsyth;sulfoxide;Primadid;Insect dibromo-Fin;Lakterin;Aktellik.

Sprays, allowing display of insects: Karbozol;Perfos-P;dichlorvos;Raptor;Prima-U;Raid.

Powders: Neopin;Riapan.

Among other anti-bugs are as follows: Clean house;Fenaks;malathion;Pyrethrum;Effective ultra;Combat;Rovikurt;Neofos-2;dust;Cucaracha;Prima-71;KRA-Killer;Insorbtsid-MP;Difokarb other.

It is believed that the chemical agents are most effective way to combat insects which infested house (not only bugs but also cockroaches, mites and other insects, representatives). The most effective drug to combat unwanted “guests” is malathion, because it is in its composition contains an active substance that is capable of the most productive way to deal with bedbugs.

The answer to the question of where to buy the specialized tools designed to kill bugs, easy. Buy drugs can be in any specialized point of sale or on the Internet on existing especially for this site. It should be emphasized that before buying it is desirable to consult with an experienced shop assistant to help professionally assess the situation and choose the best remedy.

How to destroy the bugs on their own?

A situation where property owners have no idea how alone iznichtozhit settled in the house of insects is not uncommon. As a rule, initially trying to bring home bedbugs, using a variety of people’s councils. Sometimes it happens that the owners, who are desperately trying to bring the insects with the help of people’s arsenal of ways to buy in the store first got chemicals. The problem in this situation is that not always chosen the right chemistry that provokes the development of resistance to bugs in a particular drug.

Professional service, which provides services to rid the premises of various insects, tend to become the last option for solving that people choose when other methods have failed. We will try to offer advice that will fight the bugs on their own, without causing harm to themselves and their home.

First, you need to determine what is the source of infection. Often, owners of premises do not notice the annoying insects neighborhood, although they organize a “feast” every night. In the morning one can not understand whence came the red dots resembling bites, and classifies them as diaper rash or irritation. Experts report that 75% of people in the apartment which were got bedbugs do not notice it. Naturally, in this situation to determine where bedbugs have arranged a “den” is almost impossible.

Remember that most of the bugs to be found in such places as:

the reverse side of the wallpaper;plinths;cracks in the finishing materials;carpets and upholstered furniture;Appliances;the reverse side of the picture;linens;clothes.

Bed bugs multiply and lay their eggs not only for skirting or upholstered furniture but even pet hair or parts of home electronics. That is why crucial, looking for a place bedbugs dislocation, inspect all joints, corners, and crevices attentively. In the case where the bug was spotted larva or more adults, you need to carefully inspect the area around the place: a high probability of finding the others nearby relatives.

Take extra care, inspect places like this:

the seams of mattresses;

wrong side of bed linen;

purl side covers on upholstered furniture.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs for Healthier Life

Getting rid of bedbugs traditional methods?

There are practical ways to end the bugs once and for all, using traditional folk remedies. Among the most effective means against bugs such use:

the essence of vinegar, which is an elementary and at the same time security, which can not spoil the furniture, after the owners treated the apartment;

evaporation, which involves the safe disposal of the bugs using a treat baseboards and tile with boiling water;

valerian, which will be effective only when necessary adults smoke (no effect on the eggs, but may also adversely affect the pet);

a mixture of boiling water, kerosene, turpentine help if a solution to handle furniture and other contaminated surfaces bugs (you can also use the solution as an additive to soap);

wormwood, which deters pests, if positioned directly under the bed;

low temperature (below twenty degrees with a minus mark) will result in the event that aired housing for a long time, and consistently make the bedding in the cold;

salt water, alcohol, peroxide treatment useful for furniture.

It is worth noting that bugs kill not only low but also high temperatures. Sometimes an alcohol or a gas burner is used for treating metal surfaces that have been infected insects. Remember that using this method, you must strictly adhere to safety rules, so as not to cause harm to his property and himself.

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Other methods used can be called even a few recipes that can provide a stable result:

300 g of denaturated alcohol, 10 g of naphthalene;

300 g of ethanol, 15 g camphor, 300 g of turpentine;

300 g of paraffin, 300 g of turpentine, 60 g of naphthalene;

80 g of turpentine, 40 g of phenol and 6 g of salicylic acid.

It should be noted that the destruction of bedbugs on its own is quite challenging and requires a good knowledge of the conduct of these activities. Also, you will need to exert much effort and time to carefully examine all the things in the apartment, and treat all suspicious places. We also recommend you to wash all bedding, using high-temperature water (this should be done at the end of treatment). If the fight with people’s money does not give results, you should think about how to destroy household pests using new chemical sprays and aerosols.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs for Healthier Life

Destruction of bedbugs by chemical means

Fighting bugs through the use of folk remedies will be effective only when the bugs “moved in” the room had only recently. In a situation where the insects are neighbors of the person long enough period, the use of meth, freeze or evaporate will be ineffective. Remember that it is important not to make the situation worse! Trying to destroy the bugs through the use of folk remedies and inexpensive chemical, the owner of property risks provoking more intensive and rapid multiplication of insects.

It is known that the owners of apartments in the first attempt to solve the problem of bedbugs on their own: they buy various cheap powders, gels, sprays or pencils that are supposedly able to bring bedbugs. These funds are often only able to increase the adaptive properties of the bugs have settled in an apartment, making them virtually immune to other chemicals. Thus, the people themselves are doing everything possible to ensure that there was a need for a more serious chemistry, which may have more side effects to health.

Buying mosquito repellents be careful. The fact that the use of aerosols is not always justified by the fact that by this means the insect’s crawl, and people living in the apartment may show the means of allergic components. In this case, the bugs are absolutely unpunished, while people continue to suffer.

Destruction of bedbugs using chlorophos

This efficient tool to combat bedbugs is known to be extremely potent poison. It is necessary to remember in deciding on the use of chlorophos. Keep money in non-residential premises in the tank, which is tightly closed. From chlorophos prepare an emulsion, spreading it with water (ratio – one to four). Experts recommend cooking 10% emulsion, wide open all the windows and doors in the room.

Starting treatment hlorofosom premises, it must be remembered about the security measures: Be sure to wear the protective gown, goggles, gloves and a dust mask (respirator if not, use a cotton-gauze bandage). Remember also that you can not drink, smoke or eat food during processing hlorofosom premises. After the procedure, be sure to ventilate the apartment, and her face, hands and other exposed parts of the body need to be washed thoroughly, sparing no soap. Also, do not forget to throw the dishes and the tool by which carried out the processing facilities.

Use chlorophos needed every three to four months. This is because the drug does not destroy the eggs of bedbugs. To secure their own housing on the occurrence of bed bugs can be if adhesive wallpaper adds trichlorfon. In that case, when trichlorfon is applied as a spray, you must be sure to ventilate the room during the procedure, as well as thoroughly ventilate the apartment after the end of treatment.

Destruction of bedbugs using mikrofosa

Mikrofos is a drug that is used by professionals to eliminate bedbugs. Mikrofos can be stored for a long time, and it has a full spectrum of action, which helps to ensure the complete elimination of bed bugs in a single room. The tool is also the detrimental effect on other insects – flies, cockroaches, fleas, etc. Chlorpyrifos is an active component that provides powerful action Mikrofosa. The advantage of the drug is that it is odorless and has an extremely low toxicity.

According to the research, mikrofos manifests its activity for six months, ensuring that no bugs in the room. Buy agent can be a particular point of sale and on the Internet at specialized sites.

the tool is applied as follows:

Concentrate should be diluted in water, using a ratio of one to twenty to forty;

you must take 0.5-0.25% chlorpyrifos for making money;

Treat the room, using about 50 grams per square meter of funds;

Use about 400 ml of money for an apartment, an area of 40-50 square meters;

carefully apply the medication to the place where the observed mass accumulation of insects;

a month is necessary to carry out reprocessing mikrofosom premises.

Destruction of bedbugs using malathion

Malathion is a means of bedbugs, which has a sharp and unpleasant smell. Despite this, the smell quickly disappears after the flat processing was performed. Malathion is characterized by a broad spectrum of action and can be applied not only to eliminate the bugs but also to other insects. Among the advantages of this drug and also that it has a long period of protection, ensuring the absence of bedbugs and other insects in the house. This tool is well suited for the treatment of those houses whose owners can afford to leave the apartment for a short time after the treatment (for weathering the smell).

For the treatment of used water emulsion, which is prepared from the fifty percent of the concentrate. Apply an even layer of means by choosing the surface where the massive accumulation of bugs found. The cost of the tool is not large, which explains its high popularity among the population. Produced malathion in the Russian Federation, and you can buy it in the economic markets and hardware stores.

Destruction of bedbugs using pyrethrum

Pyrethrum – is a powder that is completely safe for humans and is deadly to both pests, got into the house. Feverfew should be sprinkled with insect nests, as well as fill the gap in the different powder baseboard and wallpaper. Make sure that the vehicle carefully sprinkled all areas where insects are supposed to dwell.

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Tetriks against bedbugs

This drug is produced in the Netherlands and sold in cans with a capacity of 0.25 liters. After using Tetriksa some time felt an unpleasant smell, which, however, is not very force. As part of the drug is a substance that is fatal to these blood-sucking insects, and can bring them once and for all. It is believed that Tetriks – one of the most effective means to combat the bugs that appeared in the living room.

To treat the apartment, where the footage is 100-120 square meters, is usually missing one 250 gram bottle Tetriksa. It means you must also add about eight gallons of water. According to the user reviews, the drug is one of the simplest and most durable methods of removing bugs. Tetriks were available on the open market and in specialized firms that provide services disinfestation.

Combat against bedbugs

The tool has a low cost and can be used against bugs, cockroaches, fleas and other insects. Sprays that makes this company are characterized by low toxicity and are capable of effectively immobilize insects, causing their death. As part of the sprays contain ingredients that cause instant death of insects. Using the nozzle, which the manufacturer assembles products can accurately process the hard place of the apartment.

Executioner against bedbugs

This active drug is not able to cause any harm to a person, as well as pets that live in the apartment. One vial of “Executioner” must be diluted, using half a liter of hot water. This amount should be enough money only to handle, say, a sofa, and it is important to consider buying the drug. Treatment is performed with a nebulizer. It is recommended to close all vents, windows, and doors.

Among the advantages of this tool:

a small price;

assured destruction not only of adults but also of eggs larvae;

no stains after processing;

slight smell, which quickly disappears.

Using pencils

Easy to use pencils with poison, which are used for baiting bugs. Pencils are also a significant minus: even a small amount of poison within them (malathion, chlorophos) can be toxic to humans when used pencils. Pencil must be applied to the strip in areas where bedbugs usually move. Although this type of poison is convenient to use, it can be extremely dangerous to the health of the home, as well as pets.

Required safety precautions during the disinfestation

Before starting disinfestation necessarily do the following:

carefully examine the things in the apartment, revealing traces of bedbugs;

in furniture, linens, and things get clusters of bugs, their larvae and eggs;

Inspect, clean clothes, and household items;

Use protection (gloves, gown, mask);

ask the home to leave the room and take with cats, dogs, and other pets.

Trust a professional exterminator

It is difficult to name one hundred percent reliable strategy to eliminate bugs that would be both cheaper and consistently effective. In the case where the housing is strongly contaminated, there is no point in trying to destroy the bugs themselves. To save their own time and effort it is desirable to immediately turn to professionals who will quickly, competently and efficiently deal with the blood-sucking pests.

Currently, there are a significant number of companies of various sizes engaged in the provision of pest control services. By choice of the company, which will make processing of the home, you must take responsibility. Remember that the drugs used by the company, should be mandatory certification, as well as low toxicity, so as not to harm health. All the information and documents you can ask the representatives of the company (they are required to submit their first request).

ULV-generators are considered one of the most modern methods of destruction bugs. This service can be ordered in any modern office for combating insects. The generators allow you to use a smaller amount of the insecticide produced by the fog that envelops the room uniform cloud. Thus, the holding becomes a safer procedure. Pest control is carried out by professionals is the most reliable and guaranteed way to get rid of parasites.


This article allows to draw some conclusions about how to destroy the bugs, wormed their way into the house. So, to remember those important details such as:

People’s ways of dealing with bedbugs are able to help in the initial stages of infection of the apartment (in case of heavy infestation, these funds will not bring the desired result, forcing the landlord to waste time and effort);

sprays, powders, and pencils funds from the bugs is much more efficient than the national arsenal of tools, but they can be poisonous due to the poisons within them (their use is not recommended in apartments where pets and children live);

we must not forget that the powders and pencils can cause severe allergies and their use is allowed only when the owner of the apartments are fully confident that all occupants are protected from the effects of poisons;

the most effective means to combat bedbugs – chemicals (insecticides), which typically have a low toxicity and odor quickly disappears, as well as allow you to organize long-term protection from home invasion new bugs;

selecting an insecticide for fighting with bedbugs, keep in mind that some drugs act only on the adults of these insects, and some kill adult bugs, their larvae and eggs;

in the case where it is necessary to get rid of cockroaches, bed bugs, mites, flies, fleas and other pests that are present in the living space, it is possible to pick up an insecticide with a broad spectrum of action, which would eliminate some pest species.

We hope that the troublesome problem of visiting your dwelling bugs will be resolved as quickly as possible. If the answer to the essential question was not found in this article, leave us a comment, to which we will reply in a short time.