Disasters of various types are always lurking around the corner. It would be naïve on our part to believe that they never happen and even if they happen it only will impact others and not us. This is being selfish on the one hand and also being ignorant of many things on the other hand. The history of mankind has been witness to various types of disasters. While some have been humungous and horrendous in their scale and in terms of destruction they have caused, there are other disasters which are small in size. However, at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that even the most positive person has reasons to be careful and skeptical about the non existence of disaster of any kind.

Look At The Past Few Decades

The last few decades have been witness to some of the most horrible natural disasters. Who could have imagined that roundabout Christmas a monstrous earthquake in Indonesia would trigger massive tsunamis across thousands of miles? Within a span of a few hours almost quarter of a million people lost their lives and their death was painful and gruesome. The scars it left behind are visible even today. On the other hand, there are scores of manmade disasters, diseases and other occurrences which also have caused widespread destruction and damage. Terrorism is another scourge which is eating into the vitals of society and killing innocent people in hordes. While disasters cannot be avoided and are perhaps waiting to happen, what we can do is to be proactive about it and take necessary action to manage it till things turn for the better.

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Being Prepared Is Important

 Whenever a disaster (natural or manmade) strikes the first thing it impacts is the essentials required for staying alive and staying afloat. Hence this is the area in which we need to pay attention. We should be proactive and be prepared for meeting such an eventuality rather than being caught napping and being taken off guard. You should not go overboard with your preparation and look for fancy solutions. Simple, cost effective and long lasting solutions are the need of the hour. Each area has specific needs and the same should be factored. While in some areas, protecting oneself from cold could be the priority, in other areas, staying cool and avoiding deadly insect bites could be the challenge. Hence, one cannot straight jacket such preparations and they should be flexible and customizable keeping in mind specific needs and requirements.

Have A Combination Of Homemade And Ready To Use Kits

 Another important point to bear in mind is the need to have a combination of homemade survival kits and also buy some readymade kits which are available in the market. Food, water and other such things could be homemade and certain things like bedding, medicines, and lighting apparatuses could be procured from the outside. Talking about food, you must ensure that the food is long lasting, nutritious and is able to provide the basic calories required to survive in such disaster situations.

Take Information And Then Act

 Not many of us would have adequate of perhaps even any knowledge about the right kind of survival guides. Hence the need of the hour is to gather as much information as possible. Towards this objective looking up some good resources like the lost ways program could help you in more ways than one. It is however, important that the program should be reputed, reliable, proven, time tested and something that is practical and doable and workable on the ground.

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To ensure this you must do some research and information seeking. If necessary you must get access to the lost ways review articles. They will certainly help you to understand the importance of following our ancestors who were able to lead a quality life in spite of not being endowed with the best of technologies. We might call them primitive but they have pearls of wisdom when it comes to surviving under tough and difficult conditions.

Hence it would a good idea to try and borrow certain practices and customs which could help us to make the difference between life and death. Hence surviving in disaster situations is perhaps much about going back to the past.