There are a lot of things that we can enjoy, but our health conditions may hinder us from making the best of our lives. Think of it when it is summer and you wanna go to the beach to swim and surf, but you always feel so bloated so it is hard for you to do such physical activities? Or maybe you can think of when it is winter and you wanna go snow skiing but you have some mental conditions that stop you from enjoying the weather? There is no other perfect time to start exploring different activities that can help us prevent diseases. Do it while we have the luxury of time. To help you start, here are 10 Good Habits that can help you prevent disease, so you better brace yourselves as you read through the lines.

1. Limit TV, Video gaming and computer time

There are a lot of good hobbies out there like doing some sports than staying all day long watching the television, playing video games or spending a bunch of your time in surfing the internet. You can start learning sports like basketball or soccer. Play with your peers so both of you will be physically active!

2. Choose a healthy eating plan; eat a healthy diet

To get a really healthy life and to avoid diseases, you need to have a healthy diet. Consult with some of the nutritionists in your village to know which diet fits your personality and your lifestyle. If you want to be truly healthy, start with your most inner self—study the nutrition you need the most and then start grabbing some fruits, vegetables, and other healthy products from the nearest grocery store!

3. Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoking

Smoking is never good for your health—even smoked bacon should not be taken for granted. Smoking gives ripple of negative effects in the systems of our body so we better watch out for those smokers who would want to kill us from the inside. You can start by wearing gas masks and to stay away from smoking lounges in your city.

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4. Tame your stress

If you are always stressed out, you can never focus on making your body a whole lot healthier than before. You cannot eat enough, and you are not motivated enough to go out and get some physical activities with your peers. Tame your stress! Treat yourself in a healthy way, and always find a way to make your life more colorful and enjoyable.

5. Always check your blood sugar

We need sugar, specifically glucose and fructose, to have energy for the physical activities that we all want to do. However, all that is expensive is harmful, is not it? In that case, it is suggested to always check your blood sugar to make sure that you have a balanced diet and nutrient content. You can grab blood sugar tester in generic stores and pharmacies near you.

6. Watch your weight

Reserve the corner of your comfort room for a bathroom weighing scale! Check your weight to have a good monitoring of how much you lost and how much you gained today. Calorie count is not enough to see if you are doing well—get a scale and see the accurate measurement before you see you’ve gone so big!

7. Rest, recover and get enough sleep

Get the right amount of sleep, rest, and recovery: Do not let your body experience fatigue. In our recent posts, we have identified the importance of getting enough rest, recovery, and sleep. If you fail to give your body a break, you may lead to having an unhealthy body, and then you become more prone to diseases. Getting enough rest, recovery and sleep will freshen up your body and muscles, making them ready for another intense workout on the other day!

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8. Have sex

This is the most exciting to most of us, is not it? Sex is the most wonderful of all the physical activities that we could explore as we look forward to a younger and healthier life. Make sure that you drink a lot of water after orgasm to refill the lost liquids in your body. That could make you feel fresh and light after sex!

9. Get supplements

Take some multivitamins: we need to replenish our lost nutrients and energy that were used during our training and so we need to take up some multivitamins and other supplements to be able to have enough of it. Multivitamins can help us increase our immune system greatly.

10. Stay physically active

There are lots of activities to explore: hiking, bungee jumping, biking indoors and a whole lot more to check out. Go biking with your friends, or stroll in the park with your pets. Make sure that you are both enjoying and overwhelming for your body, muscle, heart, and soul! That is the ultimate thing to go revert the potentials of diseases towards life destruction.


Remember that need to prevent diseases to enjoy the beauty of life. To avoid the occurrence of it, we should stay physically active. We also need to eat a lot of healthy foods and to take supplements to have full nutrients. Lastly, never hesitate to communicate with other people regularly, and one way of doing that is through letting them know what you knew today. Share to your friends, and comment your ideas!