Tossing and Turning 3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is vital for all sorts of reasons, like mental acuity. The problem is many people simply do not get enough of it. Not to worry, the following are three natural ways you can improve your sleep so that you can enjoy the perks of a good night’s sleep.

Temperature Management

Temperature and sleep are connected even though that may be a little hard to believe at first. The human body produces melatonin when the temperature drops around you.

The body intuitively knows that nights are cooler than mornings, so it thinks a temperature drop means it’s time to sleep. Try to keep your room between 62 to 68 degrees as you attempt to sleep to help yourself get sleepy.

The Hormonal Approach

Sometimes, the reason you are having trouble sleeping has to do with your hormones. These little compounds in your body help regulate everything, from sexual desire to sleep.

The problem is the hormones of people of a certain age begin to go haywire, which could lead to all sorts of discomforting issues, like stress or hot flashes. Older women often don’t have normal testosterone levels which can lead to difficulty sleeping. Women who want to regain sleep quality may want to consider natural  Anti Aging Testosterone Treatment Services  to balance hormonal levels. You can ask your health care professional to help you with this.

Control the Light in Your Room

The body detects light, and it tells the brain it is time to produce melatonin when it gets dark. This works great, but many people use artificial lights in their bedrooms, use their phones at night, or simply keep a TV on, and all of those activities can disrupt sleep.

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You want to do your best to turn off all screens before heading to sleep, and you want to make sure you use black out curtains if necessary. Many people live in areas where false light floods into their homes, so you have to keep this light out.

These are just some of the steps you can take to improve your sleep, but there are others problems, like turning on a white noise machine if outside noise or other rooms in the house keep you from sleeping. Do not be afraid to talk to your health care specialist about your sleep problems, especially if some of the aforementioned suggestions are not working for you. He or she will be able to offer professional suggestions to help.