When we talk about essential oils, we talk about something known as aromatherapy. This type of therapy can be described as alternative medicine that focuses on using different types of plant extracts to improve health in many different ways, and are often linked to muscle relaxation and stress relief.

And nowadays, it can be used to treat athlete’s foot, a very common foot condition caused by infection due to fungus. But other than that, essential oils do have other uses and might benefit people in different ways. In this article, we are going to talk about how essential oils can help people with athlete’s foot, and why you should consider using them for other things as well.

Benefits of Plant Extracts

Something you need to know is that these products are not meant to be consumed by mouth. They are meant to be used in contact with the skin, so the skin can absorb these, and benefit from them. That’s the reason why essential oils are commonly used in baths and massages.

With that said, there’s much to be learned about them, and although research regarding the capacity of the skin to absorb oil, a lot of professionals have claimed that our skin can absorb them much easier if used along other techniques. One of these techniques is massages, whereas others include the use of heat and steam.

Mentally speaking, the simple act of inhaling aromas coming from an essential oil can stimulate our brain in many different ways, usually resulting in relaxation, a great reduction of stress and anxiety, and might help with high-blood pressure.

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Of course, there are different types of essential oils, as mentioned over here https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/what-are-essential-oils#types. The most famous ones inlcude:

  • Lavender, which is used to relieve stress.
  • Rose for anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Tea Tree to boost our inmunity system and help against infections.
  • Jasmine for improved fertility and boosting libido.
  • Peppermint to improve energy levels

Overall, essential oils are mostly used to reduce stress and help people deal with muscular stiffness and differenty types of body pains, such as back pain, shoulder pains and headaches.

For headaches, migraines and problems related to insomnia, essentials oils can prove to be incredibly useful. Lavender, specifically, has been proven to provide rather positive effects in improving sleep habits in people with insomnia.

In other escenarios, essentials oils mights be able to reduce inflammation, and are used by some experts to deal with infections. One of these infections is, of course, athlete’s foot.

Dealing with Fungus Feet Infection

As mentioned before, athlete’s foot is a infection caused by fungus, and is commonly caused by entering in contact with areas infected with fungus while barefoot. Is principally recognized because of an increddible sensation of itchiness and irritation, and in many cases, can cause cracks and redness.

A lot of people only suffer this infection between the fingers of the foot, but can also affect the soles, depending on the intensity of the infection. It might also affect the nails, and even the hands if taken care without safety measures.

According to this MOXE article, and many researchers on the field, this infection can be dealt with usen essential oil, since some oils have dissinfectant capabilities. Of course, if applied without the right knowledge, it might not be as benefical.

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A good recommendation is to properly take care of the infection as soon as the oil has been applied, and avoid any furter propagatoin of the fungus. A lot of people prefer to use more classical methods like talcum powder aimed towards this type of infection, but nowadays you can get similar (or even better) results by using creams, oil, and pomades.

If you decide to try it out, you should first start by soaking your feet in war water, and clean your feet while covering your hands with gloves to avoid more infection. Then, apply your oil while gently massaging the area. You want to make sure that you do this at least twice a day, and avoid being barefoot while you wait for the infection to vanish.

As a personal recommendation, you should clean your bath if you haven’t been barefoot in public areas, since there’s a high chance your bath was the main cause. If you happened to visit a public area while barefoot, you know verywell to avoid it next time, and if you happen to visit it once again, clean your feet as neatly as possible once you go back home!