Traditionally a set of scales would tell you what your total weight was. When it comes to getting data about your health status, that’s not overly helpful because it tells you nothing about the composition of that weight. The introduction to the market of BMI scales, however, allows us to get a lot more information, including body fat percentage, body mass index, water weight, muscle, and bone mass.

In this article, we investigate how BMI scales work. We’ll also review the 5 best BMI scales on the current market.

How Do BMI Scales Work?

BMI Scales, also known as body fat scales or smart scales, look very much like a standard bathroom scale. You are able to program in your height and age, with most scales having a number of user profiles. Then, when you stand on the scale, it will provide you with up to 13 different measures regarding your body composition. Most BMI scales will also pair with an app to provide detailed analysis and charting of your results over time.

BMI scales use sensors that run through your feet to measure your personal data. These are called biometric impedance sensors as they send tiny electrical currents through your body. As they go up one leg, travel through the pelvis, and then return down the other leg, these sensors measure the amount of resistance they encounter. The sensors slow down when they encounter body fat and speed up when they travel through water. Most of the water in the body is stored in muscle tissue. By monitoring the speed of the electrical current movement, then, the scale is able to calculate a person’s body fat percentage and other composition measures. Check out this list of the top BMI scales for the year.

Fittrack Dara BMI Scale


  • 17 body composition measures
  • User-friendly app
  • Slimline design


  • Some inaccuracy
  • Quite expensive

In this Fittrack review, it is noted that the BMI scale provides 17 health and body composition measures, which is more than we have found on any other BMI scale. It has provision for up to 8 user profiles, allowing all family members to chart their progress over time. The scale pairs with the FitTrack Pro App, which is easy to use and quite detailed. You can also use this scale with the majority of popular fitness apps, including Google Fit and Apple Health. This is a very well designed, attractive looking scale that is lightweight and portable.

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Renpho Smart Bluetooth Bodyfat BMI Scale


  • 13 body composition measures
  • Sleek ensign
  • Well priced


  • Only weight is displayed on the scale

The Renpho Smart Bluetooth Bodyfat BMI Scale features high precision sensors that provide you with an accurate readout of your body measurements. It is compatible with all body measurement apps. The high-quality tempered glass and stainless steel design of the Renpho Smart scale allows you to read out your weight in humid bathroom conditions. This is an easy scale to set up and use. The associated app provides you with an attractive interface and plenty of analysis information.

FITINDEX Bluetooth BMI Scale


  • 13 Body composition measures
  • Fitness progress tracker
  • Fitness tracker functionality


  • Not overly accurate

The FitIndex Bluetooth BMI Scale is both a BMI scale and a fitness tracker. In addition to the 13 body composition measures that it provides, you are also able to set goals, monitor your fitness trends, and record your training information. You have the choice of getting your results as either pounds or kilograms. The scale makes use of 4 high precision sensors to provide the most accurate reading. The app is user friendly and well presented, and you can also use the scale with a wide range of other body composition applications.

Withings Body+ Digital BMI Scale


  • Up to 8 user profiles
  • Connects to a range of apps
  • Well priced


  • No frills app

The Withings Body+ Digital BMI Scale provides accurate measures of your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle, and bone mass. The Withings Body+ app will work with more than a hundred different fitness apps, though it comes with its own free Healthmate app. The app is quite simple but does a good job of presenting your training data. As many as 8 users can store their data on the app. This scale makes use of advanced positIon control to provide the most accurate biometric impedance body composition monitoring. As a bonus, you also get a daily weather forecast on this scale.

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ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scale


  • 13 body metrics
  • Backlit LED screen
  • 400 lb max weight


  • Scale readout only measures weight

The Abyon Bluetooth Smart Bathroom scale measures 13 key body composition measures. The max user weight on this scale is 400 pounds, provides the option of readouts in pounds or kilograms, and is compatible with a large number of body measure apps. The LED screen on the scale is backlit to make it easy to read, even in a humid bathroom. There are four sensors on this sleek lightweight scale to provide an accurate measure of your bodily composition. This scale is larger than most competitors, with dimensions of 11.81 x 11.81 inches. This is a heavier scale than most at 4 pounds, providing the stability and durability that you deserve in a smart scale.


Investing in a set of BMI scales will allow you to accurately track what is actually going on inside your body. Rather than just focusing on total weight loss, you’ll be able to find out whether you’re actually losing weight, gaining muscle, or adding bone density. Armed with this and plenty of other body composition data, you’ll be in a much better position to achieve your health and fitness goals.