Handling Anxiety 4 Ways To Remain Calm During High Stress Situations

Dealing with anxiety is something that can be extremely debilitating. Individuals who deal with anxiety on a regular basis know just how difficult it is to deal with this ailment during high-stress situations. However, there are ways to effectively handle anxiety during high-stress situations. Learning to live with anxiety during these high-stress situations can help you have a calmer, relaxing, and productive life.

Slow down your breathing pattern 

When you are dealing with anxiety in a high-stress situation, you will only make it worse if you are breathing heavily. Short and shallow breaths cause your mind to race due to the lack of oxygen and the high levels of CO2. If you can breathe deeply while you are dealing with anxiety, the chances are more likely that you will remain calmer during any high-stress situation. Breathing deeply will bring more oxygen to your vital organs and brain which will slow down your brain activity.

Remove yourself from the high-stress situation

While this may not be possible at times, you need to remove yourself from the stressful situation which is causing you anxiety whenever possible. Many problems can be solved once you have calmed down and regained control of your emotions. Keep yourself from making rash decisions by taking a moment to relax and take a fresh approach to your challenging situation.

Reach out to your social circle for help

Many believe that asking for help can make you appear weak. This is not the case. Your friends and family want to be able to help you through these hard times. If you need to, call up your family members or friends and ask them to help you calm down. In some areas, mental health professionals who volunteer on call lines are available for assistance. These are free services offered by universities and government agencies that can help those who are going through anxiety attacks. Saving one of these numbers into your cell phone can be a great way to fight back against anxiety during a high-stress situation.

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Confront the source of your anxiety

When you are dealing with anxiety, there is usually a root cause for this overwhelming feeling. There are many times where your anxiety is being caused by a force in which you have no control over. However, if you have control over something like a project with an impending deadline, work towards its completion to eliminate this stress.

By applying these simple steps, you will be able to better manage your anxiety during a high-stress situation. Seek out a professional with a behavioral health degree for more techniques to overcome anxiety during an overwhelming situation. Just like anything in life, the more you practice these calming techniques, the easier it will become to take control of your anxiety during these high-stress situations.