Having Trouble Staying Pregnant 5 Signs You Need to Go to a Fertility Clinic

If you are having trouble either getting pregnant or staying pregnant, the cause may be infertility. You may need to go to a fertility clinic if you notice any of the following five signs.

Failure to Get Pregnant for Six Months to One Year

If you fail to fall pregnant after 12 full cycles of trying at the right time, then chances are high that you have an infertility issue, and you may need some outside help to make things happen. If you are over the age of 35, you can suspect infertility if this happens for six straight cycles.

Failure to Sustain a Pregnancy

Failure to sustain a pregnancy is not an indication of fertility, but it may be an indication that something in your body cannot provide what a fetus needs to maintain life for the full term. In that case, you may want to get involved in a special program at a clinic like the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Irregular Periods

If your periods become unpredictable, there may be a hormonal issue present. It’s especially indicative of a problem if you are used to having your menstrual on a regular 28-day cycle or something similar.

No Periods

A lack of periods altogether indicates that you are no longer ovulating, and the release of an egg is necessary to have children. You may be able to participate in hormonal therapies, dietary changes, vitamin supplement increases and the like. Alternatively, you can have a baby through in vitro fertilization or a similar process. A seasoned specialist can talk to you about your best options.

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Extreme or Consistent Pain

Pain is another indication that something may be severely wrong. The pain can exist in your pelvic area, back or abdomen. They can all be areas of concern if you are trying to have a child.

A specialist will conduct an assessment and then have a full consultation session with you. During that consultation, you will get a feel for what the provider has to offer, and the provider will get a feel for what you need. When it’s all said and done, the two of you can come to an agreement on the course of action that has the best odds that you will not just get pregnant but carry the pregnancy to term. There is still hope to bring life into the world. Keep your head up and consider your options.