After an accident, you’ll likely find yourself anxious to get back to your normal routines as quickly as possible. Your body, however, may have different plans. It’s important that you listen to your doctor and your body rather than the nagging voice in your head that wants to rush your recovery. Instead, follow these practical tips for help recovering as quickly as possible without rushing the process.

Healing Habits How to Help Yourself Heal After an Accident

Stay Home

You wouldn’t go to work the day after having surgery, so why would you go the day after an accident? Give your body at least a day or two to rest and recover. Take time off work, skip the gym and avoid standing or walking for long periods of time. Injuries don’t always make themselves apparent right away, so give your body some time to rest even if you seem to be unharmed. If you know you’re injured, get to a doctor right away and limit your physical activity as instructed.

Eat Right

You can speed the healing process by giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. Try to drink six cups of liquid a day after your accident but avoid alcohol, soda and other drinks high in sugar. Increase your intake of vitamin C, as well, to reduce tissue inflammation. Extra servings of vitamin a and protein are also beneficial to healing. Start taking a multivitamin if you don’t already to fill any holes in your diet.

Reduce Your Stress

Emotional stress has physical effects on your body and can slow the healing process. You will heal faster if you take steps to reduce your stress level as much as possible. Ask your friends and loved ones for help instead of trying to juggle difficult responsibilities alone.

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Visit a psychiatrist or counselor if you’re having trouble dealing with fear or other emotions stemming from your accident. It’s also wise to hire an attorney. An attorney will deal with the insurance company and all the paperwork for you so you can focus on resting. An attorney will also fight for your right to financial compensation so that your medical bills and lost wages don’t become a larger burden than necessary.

Move a Little Each Day

Though you should avoid strenuous exercises as you heal, too much laying around can also cause problems. As soon as you are able, start taking short walks every day to get your body moving again. Walking is an excellent low-impact way to start rebuilding your strength without overdoing it. Exercising in a swimming pool may also be helpful, as the water will support your body’s weight, making movements less stressful for muscles and joints.

You can help your body heal more quickly after an accident by giving it proper nutrition, exercising safely, and following your doctor’s orders. You can’t however, skip ahead in the process. Use these tips to help your body heal quickly without moving so fast that you risk making your injuries worse.