Health benefits of having Honey

Honey is considered to be a gift of the nature. It has been present in the history of medicines for its contributions towards a healthy body.

Benefits of Honey:

Honey has several benefits, some of which are listed below;

  • Prevention against cancer and heart disease: The anti-oxidants and flavonoids present in honey help in the reduction of the risk of diseases of the heart, as well as some forms of cancer.
  • Reduction of ulcers or gastrointestinal problems: Consumption of honey can effectively reduce ulcers or bacterial gastroenteritis. This could be because it has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, since enzymes that make hydrogen peroxide are added while making honey.
  • Enhancement of athletic performance: It has the properties to maintain high levels of glycogen, which gives it the ability to work as a performance enhancer.
  • Reduction of cough or throat problems: Honey, especially buckwheat honey is as effective as dextromethorphan in the relief of night cough or throat irritations.
  • Regulation of blood sugar: It is a natural sweetener, with the correct balance of glucose and fructose that help the regulation of blood sugar.
  • Probiotic property: Some honey contain friendly bacteria which help in strong immunity against health problems.
  • Weight loss: Honey is said to be a good agent for reduction of weight, as well as prevention of weight gain.
  • Skin and hair: Its antibacterial properties help in fresh, clean skin. Regular intake of honey has been reported to bring shine and lustre to hair.
  • External use: Honey is can be applied on wounds and burns for fast healing. It can be mixed with other ingredients and applied on skin or hair.
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How to use honey:

Honey can be used as part of food care, as well as external packs, to use its healthy properties.

  • Honey can be used as a sweetening agent in almost anything, from desserts to juices in the morning to tea.
  • It can be used as syrup and eaten with pancakes, toast, oatmeal, cereals etc.
  • Honey can be mixed in lukewarm water and lemon juice, and when taken in the morning, this concoction is said to have weight loss and body toning.
  • For its medicinal values, honey can be used in many different ways, from complex concoctions to simple consumptions tricks.
  • A spoonful of honey, gulped down with a leaf or two crushed basil, or crushed garlic can be a quick treatment for common cough and cold.
  • A concoction can be made heating honey and water, with spices like clove, black pepper, and ginger, along with basil leaves and lemon wedges, and stored in an air tight jar. A spoonful of this syrup in hot water can be drunk to keep the cold at bay during winter.
  • Honey can be mixed with glycerine or chickpea powder and applied on the face as an anti-bacterial moisturizer.
  • Honey can be used in hair packs of henna, curd, or eggs for lustrous hair, or simply added in 4 cups of water (1 Tbsp.) to make a natural leave in conditioner.
  • Honey heated with crushed garlic can be applied injury.