How to get rid of Dry hair in winter

We all want to look very beautiful and dashing all the time throughout the year. There are mainly three seasons and thus the problems which come along with the various seasons. During the winter season, skin as well the hair becomes very dry whereas, during the summer months, the hair becomes oily. Thus every season has its own set of problems but we must know the ways to overcome it. Though the hair is not really part of our body but still it is an essential component of our body and a beautiful hair attracts everyone.

Causes of dry hair

There is mainly one cause for dry hair, and that is due to the lack of moistures. During the winter months, as the environment is dry, and there is no moisture around, the hair also becomes very dry and frizzy. Moreover, if your hair is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, hair also becomes very dry. Moreover, the hair also becomes static, and it really looks very bad while you dress up very well. Thus taking a good hair care is a must during this season.

Home remedies for dry hair

There are some very effective home remedies which help in the recovery of your hair. The ingredients which will be needed are easily available and thus it is not very costly and is quite easy to prepare. The treatments are as follows:-

•    A very versatile ingredient which is very effective in curing the hair as well as the skin problems is a lemon. Lemon is a very good conditioner for dry, rough hair and thus applying lemon juice will definitely help in getting the past glory back. Mix honey along with lemon juice and apply the pack on your hair for around half an hour and then wash it away with tepid water. Though taking a hot bath may seem very pleasing but hot water tends to deteriorate the present condition and make it drier.

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•    Applying oil to the hair is another very important method which you must follow to get rid of the dryness and frizziness of your hair. Apply hot oil twice at least a week minimum 2 hours before shampooing and see the results.

•    Eggs are very famous is curing the dry and frizzy hair. Eggs contain protein which is very good in treating various hair problems and help with the growth and increased volume of hair. Make a hair pack of eggs, honey, olive oil or coconut oil and apply it from the roots to the tips. Do not forget to dampen the hair before applying the pack. If you can curd, then it yields much better result.

•    Mayonnaise is a good source of milk as well as eggs. The mayonnaise must be full fat type. Apply it on hair and leave it for some time.  Massage it for some time and then covered with a shower cap for at least for a half hour.  Rinse it off with semi hot water.