Physical activity holds a long record of keeping illnesses at bay. Cycling, one of the most popular forms of transport is increasingly being used as an exercise for bringing along a bevy of health benefits as described below.

  • Cycling is known to be one of the biggest and most effective cure to arthritis. Outdoor and indoor static cycling help in reducing and preventing such knee pains. Doctors often prescribe cycling in patients suffering from osteoarthritis since this low-impact exercise places minimal stress on joints thus preventing fractures and falls.
  • Cycling reduces the risk of succumbing to cancer, especially the ones affecting breast and colon.
  • Type 2 Diabetes as we all know opens the floodgate to an array of other diseases in our anatomy. These diseases can adversely affect our heart, kidney, and skin amongst others. Cycling is known to control and prevent the killer disease of diabetes by exhausting glucose present in our body cells, which draw glucose from the blood for being converted into useful energy. Thus, it can be said that cycling aids in the proper oxidation of glucose in our body. A research conducted in Finland revealed that people cycling for 30 minutes on a daily basis were at 40% reduced risk of falling prey to diabetes.
  • Cycling helps in strengthening and toning the muscles of the calf and thigh. It also strengthens the arm muscles which are used vigorously for balancing the cycle. Thus, it is imperative to encourage children to take up cycling as it shall strengthen them from inside from the very onset. Regular cycling also increases the flexibility of our body.
  • Increased work pressure and stress can pave the way for cardiovascular diseases which can be avoided by regular cycling. This stimulates our heart and increases blood circulation, strengthening the heart muscles. With time the fat level in our blood reduces significantly lowering the resting pulse. Research studies have revealed that people availing the cycling mode of transport for travelling to work stand at lower risk of being affected by air pollution compared to car commuters. A Danish study was conducted over a span of 14 years with a sample population of 30000 people belonging to the age group of 20 to 93. The study findings revealed that regular cycling had a big role to play in shielding people from the threats of heart disease.
  • Cycling boosts up our endurance capacity, thus building up stamina. We can work with increased enthusiasm when our energy meter is at its highest. Performing daily chores are also becoming easier when we are all perked up. This also has a positive impact on our concentration level.
  • Obesity is one of the biggest causes of concern amongst the millennial population given their affinity towards junk foods and sedentary lifestyles. Cycling boosts up our metabolic rate, builds muscles and burn body fat, thus adding inertia to the weight loss process. British research had revealed that nearly five kilograms of fat can be burned over a year by a half-hour of cycling on a daily basis.
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Many times, people succumb to injuries while cycling, some of which are caused intentionally by others having malicious intent. If you suspect any of your friends or family have fallen prey to the same, you can readily contact a Washington personal injury attorney who can look after your financial recovery while you regain your mental and physical strength.