There has been a distinct decline in cigarette smoking over the last few years across the world. However, cigarette smoking has made way for many other alternatives including E-cigarettes, water pipes, and smokeless tobacco. These alternatives are gaining popularity by the day. E-cigarettes are referred to as vapor cigarettes as well. They are effective devices that work on batteries. Some e-cigarettes are designed purposely in such a way that they resemble the conventional types. Here are some of the established benefits of e-cigarettes that influence your health positively.

E-Cigarettes Mean No Tar, No Toxins & Tobacco that Is So Common with Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are not known to contain any tobacco. So, you could rest assured that you could still enjoy your quota of nicotine without reallycompelled to ingest over 4,000 chemicals that would include more than 40 established carcinogens that are generated through tobacco burning. You would be experiencing the similar hand to mouth action and oral fixation that is typically associated with smoking.

Absence of AnySmoke-Like Odor

E-cigarettes are not known to release any irritating or undesirable smoky smell that gets stuck to your clothes, hair, furniture, and even walls. You would be delighted to smell the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla or strawberry eliquid. However, there would be no lingering smell or fragrance even though you found it pleasant enough.

Presence of No Ash

As electronic cigarettes do not involve any flame or combustion, there would be no ash or even any cigarette butts to dispose of after smoking. Your family, especially your wife would be grateful to you for that. Moreover, e-cigarettes promise no second-hand smoking. So, nobody around you would be exposed to any harmful smoke. E-cigarettes would be emitting only a smoke-like mist that is simply a water-based vapor which would be dissipating within just a few seconds.

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Use Different Nicotine Strengths for Controlling Your Nicotine Intake

E-liquids come in diverse nicotine strengths right from zero to a higher strength. You could now exercise more control and effectively regulate your nicotine intake. You may start by opting for the same level of nicotine intake that you were used to when you were a heavy smoker and then gradually start decreasing your nicotine intake.

Liberty to ‘Vape’ Any & Every Time

When you start using electronic cigarettes, you would be free to vape wherever you go and whenever you feel like without causing any harm to others and nobody would have any reason or right to come up with any objections anymore as there would be no second-hand smoke issue. You would now have the liberty to enjoy your e-cigarette in bars, restaurants, offices, and hotels. It is not necessary to go out in the scorching heat or the freezing cold if you get the urge to smoke an e-cigarette. You do not have to take any smoking breaks during working hours at the office.


Often when regular tobacco cigarettes are discarded carelessly, they end up in accidental fires, destroying properties and polluting the atmosphere. Today, the e-cigarettes are eco-friendly and definitely gentler to the environment. They are certainly environment-friendly and definitely not hazardous to our environment. There has been an increase in awareness about the ill-effects and hazards of smoking and people have become far more health-conscious. There are strict smoking bans in public places but e-cigarettes are very much socially acceptable today.

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