Chiropractors are health professionals who focus on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders. Emphasis is placed on providing treatment by manually adjusting or manipulating the spine. Chiropractors typically aim to ease pain and enhance an individual’s functionality along with educating patients on how to account for their wellbeing through ergonomics, exercise and other forms of therapy to deal with back pain. Chiropractic is usually classified as complementary or alternative medicine.

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Goals and Beliefs

  • Chiropractors are focused on the close link between the spine and nervous system. They believe that a structurally and biomechanically deranged spine can adversely affect the nervous system.
  • Chiropractic treatment can be used to restore the spine’s structural integrity for various conditions as well as minimize the amount of pressure on sensitive neurological tissue to improve an individual’s health.
  • The concept of chiropractic treatment is based on re-establishing normal mobility of the spine to address altered reflexes and alleviate spinal nerve irritation.

Chiropractic Care Treatment

  • Various forms of non-surgical treatment are used by chiropractors to treat patients with specified types of neck pain, lower back pain, leg pain, headaches and repetitive strains. Treatment also deals with arthritic pain, car accident injuries and sports injuries.
  • While the main focus is on treatment of neuromuscular disorders a chiropractor is not limited to problems that affect the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.
  • Chiropractors may refer their patients to other health practitioners for the purpose of treating lower back pain. They usually have referral networks that work with various spine specialists. Find Brooksville Chiropractic
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Adjustments are the foundation of the care that chiropractics provide.

  • Chiropractors begin with an examination that involves asking their patients about aspects such as their lifestyle, problems and other issues that are related to their condition. Once a chiropractor understands the situation, adjustments can be made as required.
  • Adjustments constitute manipulating the spine to restore proper alignment. Many problems can arise when lumber and vertebrae discs shift out of their ideal location within the spine and press against muscles and nerves.
  • During adjustment, a chiropractor uses pressure to start moving spinal components to their proper location. Nerve pressure is relieved and pain is reduced in the process.
  • Along with adjustments, professional chiropractors can take other steps that include muscle stimulation, providing personal care instructions, massage and more.

Key Considerations

Chiropractic care is often misunderstood and it is important to understand the treatment to make sure that you embark on the process while knowing what to expect.

  • Follow the treatment advice that you are given. Failure to adhere to instructions can make it harder to effectively deal with pain.
  • Treatment constitutes a gradual process and takes time. Expect to see your chiropractor on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your situation. Your chiropractic care provider will let you know how long treatment is likely to take.
  • Consultations give your chiropractor a chance to discuss your problems, pain and lifestyle to determine the cause of the issue that you are experiencing.
  • X-rays may be taken to get a clearer idea of the adjustments that will be made.
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Adjustments are made to different parts of the spine to bring it closer into alignment.