I have a friend who swears by her cat’s healing powers, and although I was sceptic in the first place, there’s definitely more to it than most of us may know. The investigation I conducted yielded some quite interesting and astonishing results. The presence and actions of pets are demonstrably beneficial, studies are showing, improving both physical and mental state of the subjects. If you thought about getting a pet, this is a good entry for the plus column. Stick with us as we deliver some valid points about health advantages of owning a pet.


Allergy resistance

You must be wondering how are pets supposed to be helping with the allergy fighting as they are most commonly the cause of it. University of Virginia and a group of Swedish scientists have carried out a research about this topic, and the results are contradictory to popular belief.

Keeping the pets around kids in the first two years of their life increases the protective powers against similar allergens later in life for the 77% percent of subjects. It also turns out that this immunity to animal allergens is extended to lowered or no reaction to grass and dust mites as well.

Heart menders

Apart from being the goofballs filled with love, the kind animals we keep in our house pose as great medical assistants. According to several related studies, the pet-owning patients who have survived a heart attack experience longer life span compared to the ones without them.

Since men are more prone to having heart diseases than women, the studies usually focused on their part of the population. Finding include decreased levels of cholesterol and triglyceride (harmful for the heart) in pet owning households.

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Support for the elderly

The UCLA professor who specialises in veterinary medicine L. Hart has noticed the link between Alzheimer’s patients and anxiety attacks in her examinations. The sole presence of beloved animals is responsible for the diminishment and absence of nervous outbursts and tantrums. Caregivers are also partly unburdened when pets are on the premises. While cats demand less care, dogs are the drivers and motivational force of regular activities and exercise.

If someone in your family has Alzheimer’s, help them feed the pet adequately and take care of their health as well. So, if the pooch is struggling with fleas, for example, go fetch some handy chewable tablets like bravecto and save the doggy and the owner from further hardship.

Cat vibes

Ok, if you needed more proof that cats are aliens communicating with their mother ship through weird manoeuvres, this must be it. Joking aside, it seems that cat having mystical powers is more than just a myth. The unique feline vibrations cats produce via purring ranged from 20 to 140 Hz are aiding in the following areas:

  1. Depression and stress eradication
  2. Breathing problems (dyspnoea) reduction
  3. High blood pressure control
  4. Infections and swelling alleviation
  5. Weak or broken bones fixing
  6. Injured muscles, ligaments or tendons reparation

Kitties often cuddle with us when we are ill, so let them in to experience these marvellous healing effects first-hand.

While pets are widely famous for inspiring love and socialisation, the influence on concrete medical conditions is often overlooked. Get a pet and improve your life.

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