Wary Of Sun-Tanning ParloursSome of us wonder why people risk spending hours in the heat at the beach, without putting on an effective suntan protection cream while putting themselves directly in the face of premature ageing or skin cancer. All of us love to have a healthy glow on our skin and in our quest to do so we sometimes put ourselves at the risk of soaking up dangerous ultraviolet rays or entering inside a hazardous spray tan parlour. Fortunately, there is a way of getting that sun kissed, golden skin with the help of your diet. That’s right, consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables can actually make your skin glow healthier than a suntan, if studies published by ‘Evolution And Human Behaviour’ are to be believed. In particular, specific foods that are exceptionally high in beta carotene, such as dark leafy green vegetables and carrots are helpful in giving the skin a glowing appearance. However, do not expect to look like you have just returned from the beach, by consuming these vegetables, but if these foods offer more than just a healthy and glowing appearance in the form of fighting cancer and boosting immunity, isn’t it a better option than a suntan booth?

By eating a good amount of carrots every day, your skin might take on a more yellow hue with added bonuses. According to research from the School of Public health by the Harvard University, consuming foods that are high in beta carotene, such as carrots, can help in boosting the health of the sperm. When choosing carrots, opt for deep orange carrots that are free of cracks, firm and large. Not only do they taste better but they are far more nutritious. Carrots can be maintained for up to 10 days if refrigerated well in a plastic bag, in the produce bin section. Its sweetness not only helps in cutting down a spike in the insulin levels, but prevents sugar from rushing into the bloodstream, thus making it a vital food for diabetics.

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Sweet PotatosSweet potatoes
An excellent tasting food that offers complex carbohydrates for lasting energy, sweet potatoes are also known to boost the immunity, help in preventing some kinds of cancerous tumours and boosting one’s vision. Additionally, sweet potatoes are also extremely low in calories while being high in fibre, thus making them an ideal food for any form of weight maintenance or weight loss program. Sweet potatoes can be had in place of instant potatoes and can be easily prepared for a quick side dish by steaming and peeling the chunks until tender. These can then be mashed with a bit of seasoning of your choice and had as a snack or part of your main meal.

Bell PeppersBell Peppers
Red bell peppers are exceptionally high in carotenoids and these can be sliced up and eaten plain or dipped in with some hummus. One small yellow or red bell pepper provides the body with more than three times the daily dose of vitamins C. Another interesting way of having them is to brush the entire whole pepper with a bit of olive oil and placing it on a hot grill. All sides must be charred evenly, and once cooled; the black flecks can be brushed away. Grilling bell peppers makes them tender and significantly sweeter than the raw version.

Butternut SquashButternut squash
In addition to being delicious, butternut squashes are loaded with a great deal of nutrients ranging from fibre, vitamins C, vitamins A, beta carotene and more. Moreover, a half cup serving of butternut squash contains approximately 3.2 grams of fibre. Steaming or roasting cubes of butternut squash is an excellent way of getting the most out of its nutrients.

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Strongly recommended to be included daily in one’s diet, pumpkins pack only 3 grams of fibre while rendering a measly 45 calories. In addition, pumpkins are also high in beta carotene and can help in fending off cancer. What’s more, pumpkin seeds are also excellent and nutrient dense as it offers rich antioxidant properties in addition to high protein content, phytosterols, fibre and more.

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