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Certain positions within the healthcare field often do not receive the credit that they deserve. Workers in these positions help ensure that patients receive quality care during hospital stays but are not always recognized the same way as doctors and other medical staff. If you want to be one of the unsung heroes of quality hospital care, you can try pursuing one of these careers.


Switchboard Operator

More than just a standard telephone operator, a hospital switchboard operator plays a vital role in communications between hospital staff and patients. You will need to know how to manage high call volumes and see to it that each call is answered in a timely manner. You may need to assist patients who are dealing with medical emergencies and direct them to the proper resources. Performing a variety of clerical duties and learning how to use different computer programs are also essential for this job.


Health Administrator

As a health administrator, you will be responsible for overseeing the hospital facilities and health care services that are provided. You will also need to make sure that all the medical staff members are following the proper protocol and adhering to the hospital’s standards. Patient contact will be limited since you will be more focused on shaping the hospital’s policies. Setting a budget and monitoring spending is another important duty that a health administrator must fulfill. It is further important that you keep up with the latest technologies and find ways to make hospital rooms safer and more modern. A Master of Health Administration degree from an accredited school is usually required to enter this field, which is simple enough as you can earn an MHA online.

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Hospital Cleaner

One of the best aspects of being a hospital cleaner is that you won’t need a special degree to enter this field. However, you should learn about all the occupational safety hazards that you may encounter in this job. If you have a knack for cleaning and an eye for detail, becoming a hospital cleaner will be ideal for you. All floors, furniture and other surfaces around the hospital will need to be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any germs or viruses that might make patients sicker. You may also need to sanitize certain pieces of medical equipment. Cleaning up blood, vomit and other unpleasant messes is another duty of this position. If you discover any hospital maintenance concerns or other potential dangers, you will need to report them to hospital management quickly. This occupation also benefits from at least a rudimentary knowledge of hospital technology.


Being one of the unsung heroes of the medical field will give you the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the healthcare industry. The service that you provide will help ensure that all patients receive excellent care while in the hospital.