Trying to take better care of yourself? Although you can do this the old-fashioned way, you may find it easier and more fun to look after your wellness by taking advantage of the latest technology. There are plenty of high-tech gadgets and devices available that can help you on your journey to a healthier life. But it can also be overwhelming to have so many options available, which is why this list of four great high-tech wellness tools is the perfect place to start.

4 High Tech Ways to Take Charge of Your Wellness

Smart Filtering Water Bottles

Everyone knows by this point that they need to drink enough water throughout the day. The traditional recommendation of eight glasses of water per day is actually a myth, but it’s still good to drink at least 2 liters daily or more if you work out.

The problem is getting enough water when you’re on the go, without taking a gallon jug with you everywhere. Enter the smart filtering water bottle. These water bottles will automatically filter water for you, allowing you to fill them up from any tap. And many bottles can even give the water a more palatable flavor, such as coconut, which is ideal if you don’t drink enough water because of the taste.

Vibrating Foam Rollers

A good post-workout routine can make a huge difference in how quickly you recover, and when you recover better, you’re able to exercise more often and at a higher intensity. The foam roller has become the recovery tool of choice for many athletes and gym goers. You simply lie on the foam roller in different positions and move back and forth to roll it across your muscles, loosening them in the process.

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Although there’s nothing wrong with the traditional foam roller, if you want to take your recovery to the next level, a vibrating foam roller is the way to go. These foam rollers have rechargeable batteries and different speed settings. The vibration makes the foam roller much more effective, which is why the top athletes use these all the time.

Enhanced Breathalyzers

An enhanced breathalyzer like a soberlink device won’t be necessary for everyone, of course, but if you’ve been struggling with drinking too much, then it may be just what you need to get your drinking under control. With an enhanced breathalyzer, you can either have a preset testing schedule or a random testing schedule, and you’ll need to blow in to the breathalyzer whenever it’s test time. You can’t just pass it off to someone else, either, because it has facial recognition.

Used on its own, an enhanced breathalyzer works well for tracking how much and how often you drink to see if it’s becoming a problem. It’s at its best when you use it in conjunction with a treatment program, though.


Knowledge is power when it comes to your overall health. Smartwatches and other wearables help you track what’s going on with your body to have more knowledge about it. You can see how many calories you’re burning in the typical day and what’s going on with your heartrate.

A smartwatch is especially useful for analyzing the results of your workouts. You can see how high your heartrate goes while you exercise to determine if you should up the intensity or take a step back. Using the information a smartwatch provides, you can hone your exercise and your life to get yourself fitter.

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With all the gadgets that can improve your wellness, start with one that seems like it fits your current needs best. See how it works, and then consider adding some more.