By age 30 the collagen production in our bodies slow down, the dead skin cells don’t shed as frequently as they do in our 20s and our skin changes constantly due to hormones, weight fluctuation, season and lifestyle. So here are some health tips for women in their 30s to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Sleep on a silk pillow case.

Silk pillow is going to have a huge difference on the amount of wrinkles you get on your face. When we sleep the pillow is pressed up against our skin which forms creases. When we’re young those creases go away on their own and they go away fast. As we age those lines and creases from when we sleep go away a lot slower and some of them become permanent. That is why you tend to get more wrinkles on the side of the face you sleep on. Most of the people are side sleepers and they spend 7 – 8 hours sleeping in a position which will cause wrinkles. During the night hours while we are sleeping our skin makes twice the amount of new skin cells than it does during the day. So basically at night our skin is rejuvenating. So it’s a very important time for our nightly skin care routine.

Side profile of a young woman sleeping on a bed
Side profile of a young woman sleeping on a bed

A silk pillow is relatively comfortable. You’ll notice that the creases you get in the morning will gradually go away. Silk pillow cases don’t take moisture from our hair or skin at night unlike cotton pillow case that absorbs moisture.

  1. Take care of your hands
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As you get older your hands get freckled, your veins become more prominent and you get pigmentation. Like your face it’s important for you to exfoliate your hands. You can go with either chemical exfoliation or manual exfoliation. Both will lift the dead skin cells lying on your hands. After you’ve exfoliated your hands moisturize them because this is the best time to take care of your skin. Make sure that you apply sunscreen on your hands when you go out to protect them from sun rays.


  1. Preserve your skins elasticity

To keep your skin bright, vibrant, glowing and healthy in your 30s always keep anti-aging creams and treatments in mind. This is a very good time to incorporate vitamin A to promote the collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliate more frequently to eliminate the dead, dry and dull skin cells and opt for moisturizers containing vitamin C.

  1. Avoid abrasive scrubs

Avoid scrubs like the ones in which scrub beads are made of apricot pit. They actually tear into the skin which breaks the collagen.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet consisting of lots of water, fruits and green vegetables that are high in antioxidants enhance collagen production. They also keep you healthy and your blood sugar level stable. When your blood sugar level is stabilized your body does not crave unhealthy food.


If you’re not putting healthy foods into your body then you’re doing yourself a huge injustice. You have to get processed foods and added sugars out of your diet. Processed foods consist of preservatives, sugars and basically the things that make us crave more sugar. When we get the junk out of our diet and feed our body the nutrients it needs it functions how it’s supposed to function. You’ll feel better and you’ll have more energy than before.

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