Everyone has that one friend who always seems happy. They’re full of energy and positive, and everything in life seems to go their way. But here’s a secret, there is no such thing as naturally positive or naturally energetic people. But there are people who have mastered the tricks and habits associated with energy and positivity.

Letting Go without Quitting

Positive people are happy because they know when to let go of people or of a belief structure that is not good for them. They refuse to allow negative forces to influence their lives. They trust themselves to determine what ideas and people are healthy for them and which ones to let go of.

Make a Good Day

Happy, healthy, positive people do not wait for good days happen. They are proactive. They are not passive, they create good. They are involved and construct their lives minute by minute. They understand that they need to work in order to feel better and that just wishing a bad day or bad feelings away doesn’t work.

Accepting New Challenges

A positive person is not afraid to take on new challenges. If a positive person wants to become a board certified behavioral analysis (bcba), they accept the challenge and do the work. They realize that they need to get a master’s degree and then work experience. They put their nose to the grind stone, accept the challenge, and achieve the results they desire.

Leave the Past in the Past

Positive people understand that memories, be them good or bad, belong in the past. A positive, happy, healthy person does not long for the good old days. They are determined to make new, good memories now. They are not against productive regret, such as learning lessons from the past, but only if those lessons help to build a better future.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Positive people are grateful. They are not stuck on their limitations, but they challenge themselves with the goal of reaching the possibilities. They are optimistic and try to focus on what they can realistically do. They’re not gullible, thinking that there is an easy or simple solution for every problem. But they realize that they may need to try a new solution to attack old problems.

Positive, happy people have a powerful impact on those around them. Their energy is contagious, they don’t hold grudges, they forgive, and they work to become better people. It’s for this reason that positive people attract other positive people to them.