Many kids in the United States these days are victims of high cholesterol and obesity mainly as a result of eating un-healthy foods. This may look something trivial as of now but could build up to harmful effects as your child grows up. They refuse to even smell food which isn’t part of Mc Donald’s or Wendy’s for example. Yes as parents nobody would like to say no to their kids for anything be it food or anything else but we must realize this will eventually lead up to more harm being done to those little ones we love. Their diet is primarily in our hands and we must make sure it’s balanced, giving them their share of junk food they crave alongside with vital essentials to keep them fit and strong.

Most of the parents have a single question when it comes to this topic which is that how they can get their kids to eat healthy. Well this is something that must be drilled into your kids from a very young age; remember children are very gullible when young. If you set an example from a very young age and make sure everyone eats healthy foods in front of your kids at dinner time or lunch time then they will eventually acquire this habit to. Here are a few ways you can look after your child’s nutrition.

A healthy breakfast

The first meal of the day is a good time to give your child foods that are high in fiber. Whole-grain breads, cereals, fruit, low-fat or nonfat cheeses and yogurt are also good breakfast foods. It’s a proven fact by doctors that kids who have a healthy breakfast everyday turn out to be much healthier and fit then those who don’t.

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Your kid will eventually start to despise food if he’s given the same proteins in the form of food every day. Make sure to mix things up give him beef one day and chicken the next. A side of vegetables with his meal one day and cut some fruit up and give it him after lunch or dinner the next. You need over 40 different nutrients such as vitamins and minerals every day for good health. Since there is no single food that contains them all, it is important to balance your daily choices.

Too much fat food can be poisonous

Eating a lot of fried food items such as fries, sausages nuggets etc can be very fattening as well and it’s not healthy if too much is given daily. So make sure your child eats that twice maximum 3 times a week. And if you don’t get your child hooked on to those foods from a young naïve age then he won’t be addicted or accustomed to their taste when he grows up.


The majority of your body is fluid so while making sure your kids gets all the proteins and vitamins it’s essential simultaneously he drinks minimum 6-8 glasses of water per day. Firstly it’s amazing for your skin; those who drink loads of water have amazing skin. Freshly squeezed juices at home are great as well, if you can make sure your kid has loads of healthy juices daily of purely fruit then that’s perfect.


Only carbohydrates and proteins won’t cut it. Your child needs to be active, make sure he gets plenty of exercise every day. Those muscles need to be cut loose; however   no child would enjoy exercising so make it fun for them. Get them to play basketball or football some sport where they have fun to while getting their daily exercise done.

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If you feel your kid is growing weak and agile and he’s getting his daily dose of proteins then it’s a good idea to visit a nearby pediatrician. He/she may be able to provide you with a better diet plan or have some health tips to share with you regarding the health of your child. Pack a healthy lunchbox for your child if you feel the school doesn’t offer a healthy plan. Make him a fruit salad or a vegetable salad which chunks of chicken in there so your kid doesn’t leave it. All these things may be minor in their own way but they build up to be a major influence on your kid if put together.