A healthy diet is one that incorporates all the necessary nutrients that are required by the body. There are many benefits of consuming a diet that’s overall healthy such as ideal weight, less diseases, improved blood pressure and an energized body.

You allow your body to welcome diseases when you do not eat a balanced diet. A very common disease is constipation that occurs when you do not have enough fiber in the body. While you can treat constipation by turning to generic version of MiraLax, it is better to prevent it altogether by bringing changes to your diet.


When it comes to eating a healthy diet, the right kinds of foods isn’t just the only thing that’s important but the amount in which you eat them plays a fundamental role too.


Now, eating a healthy diet is also about keeping the unhealthy foods at bay because they can make you fall sick by spreading germs and bacteria.

Let’s look at the foods that are healthy and you must eat:

Healthy Foods


  1. Vegetables And Fruits
    People who lack minerals, vitamins and fiber in their diet are more prone to falling sick. Including vegetables and fruits in your daily diet fulfills your nutrient requirement. Other than that, vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale etc contain antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals and help ward off many diseases.

How Much To Eat: According to the The American Heart Association, 8 servings of vegetables and fruits a day is recommended.

As for how much fruits you should eat, there’s no restriction. But, you should be careful if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes.

According to research, for a normal person, about 400 grams of fruits and vegetables are necessary to consume each day. That makes five portions in total.

  1. Fish And Meat

People who do not have any heart problems can eat meat on a regular basis. Fish meat is high in protein and so are other meats. However, fish meat is the most recommended because it provides with many other benefits too such as an improved skin, enhanced mental activity, better sight, smooth bowel movement etc.

Oily fish are the most beneficial as they are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. These include salmons and sardines.

How Much To Eat: Two portions of meat and fish per week should be taken.

  1. Dairy Products

Dairy products are loaded with beneficial nutrients such as proteins, calcium, potassium etc. These help in strengthening the bones.

Dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

How Much To Eat: According to the USDA, a healthy individual should take at least 3 cups of dairy per day which must include 1 cup of milk.

Now, let’s learn about the foods that one must keep minimal in their diet:

Unhealthy Foods

Here are the foods that are unhealthy and must be avoided:

Sugars: Any food that’s loaded with artificial sugar should be avoided because it can cause diseases like diabetes. These include soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and artificial sweeteners. Also, they are unhealthy for the teeth and cause tooth decay if eaten too much.

Processed Foods: An American diet typically incorporates 70% of processed foods. They are synthetically made in laboratories which is why all the necessary nutrients that are required by the human body are washed away. Also, eating processed foods in a large amount everyday can damage heart health.

Salt: Salt rich foods should be avoided as they can spike blood pressure. Junk food is loaded with salt which is why it should be avoided.

Drugs: Drug abuse can damage your health in unimaginable ways. It causes negative effects on both mental and physical health of a person. In fact, many doctors recommend drug addicts to change their diet as it helps in the withdrawal stage.

A healthy diet is important if you wish to lead a happy and active life.