22 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair for Men

As men, there are not many things that we can do to elevate our looks. Our only option to change our look is our hair and beard (mostly hair). It is very important to start caring for your hair at the right time. Unlike other parts of the body, you cannot easily undo the damage done to the hair.

I am going to give you 20 different tips on how you can care for your hair. Hopefully, this will change the way you have been taking care of your greatest asset.

1. Know Your Hair’s Type and Your Scalp’s Condition

Getting a hair analysis is an easy way to figure out your hair type. It is essential for you to know the hair type to pick the right products for it. Consult a dermatologist to get a complete report about your hair and scalp type. Dry scalp, normal scalp and oily scalp all need different treatments.

2. Select the Right Set of Products for You

Do not purchase products randomly or by simply judging the brand name. Unlike your skin, your hair is much more sensitive. Once damaged, it takes a huge effort to revive it. Read the labels and the ingredients before buying the products.

3. Hair Massage is Essential for Hair Growth

The scalp needs blood circulation to function properly. It stops or slows down the hair growth when there is a lack of blood circulation. You can improve the scalp’s condition by massaging it regularly. It is essential for new hair growth.

4. Do Not Shy Away from Using Hair Oil

Hair oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps the hair and the scalp. It nourishes your hair and keeps it shiny and strong. Apply hair oil at night to get the most benefit from it.

5. Fresh and Natural Remedies are the Best

Try to give your hair as much natural healing as you possibly can. Replace chemical elements with natural ones. Aloe vera, green tea, henna and egg wash can do magic for your hair.

6. Build Up a Healthy Diet for Yourself

It is safe to say that “we are what we eat”. You have to watch your diet if you want to have healthy skin. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and biotin. Plus, keep your body hydrated at all times.

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7. Determine Your Purpose and Plan Accordingly

Different people have different goals for their hair. Some want to keep it short and simple and others want to grow it large. Plan your hair care schedule according to your purpose. Generally, long hair needs more attention than shorter hair.

8. Do Not Go Overboard with Multiple Products

Do not use 100 different products in your hair. It can only cause huge damage and hair loss. Choose two or three products and stick with them. Examine the benefits and try not to change too much.

9. Protect Your Hair from Sun and Dirt

Too much sun is extremely harmful to your hair. It not only causes discoloration but also starts hair loss. Wear a cap or hoodie to protect your hair from the sunlight.

10. Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum – With Care

Apply shampoo only twice a week. Do not use too much shampoo in one go. Massage your scalp with conditioner and let it stay for three to five minutes for best results.

11. Be Gentle When Your Hair is Wet

Your hair is at its most sensitive stage when it is wet. You should not put too much pressure on your hair when it is wet. Try to use a hair dryer with very low heat to dry the hair.

12. Keep Your Scalp and Hair Moisturized

Your scalp is the source of all healthy hair. You have to keep it moisturized at all costs. Your hair will become more shiny and smooth if you keep your scalp moisturized.

13. Choose the Right Pomade for the Occasion

Pomade is probably your best choice when you want to style your hair. It is not super rough on your hair and gives you just the right amount of hold. The right type of hair gel will give you that perfect look and let you be more confident with your hair.

14. Trim Out Unhealthy Hair

Sometimes, it is necessary to get rid of damaged hair so that healthier hair can get more attention. So, trim out unhealthy hair.

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15. Get the Perfect Hair and Beard Combination

Consider the shape of your face and come up with the right hair and beard combination. It will elevate your style and also make your hair look better kept.

16. Keep Hair Protection and Grooming Items with You

Keep brushes and combs with you when you are out. Try to get a cap/hat with breathable materials to keep it safe from the sun.

17. Get Enough Sleep Every Day

Do not skimp on your sleep. Get at least eight hours of sleep each day to stop hair loss. Hair loss is largely linked with the irregularity of sleep.

18. Use Bath Cap Every Now and Then

Do not wash your hair every time you take a shower. If you take showers more often, consider wearing a bathing cap to protect the hair.

19. Do Not Wash Hair with Warm Water

Warm water instantly damages the hair. The root of the hair becomes more fragile because of warm water. Avoid using hot water on your scalp.

20. Get the Softest Towel to Dry Your Hair

A rough towel will instantly ruin your hair. It will grab onto the split ends and make your hair ragged. Grab a soft towel to pat your hair dry instead.

21. Invest Your Money in the Right Salon

You don’t have to go to the salon every month. But, when you do, make sure that it is a good salon. Nothing can screw up your hair worse than a bad barber.

22. Skip Tobacco & Alcohol Products to Skip Future Baldness

If you want healthier hair in the future, you should limit the number of tobacco products in your life. They affect your hair growth, so it’s better to skip them. You should also try to skip drinking too much alcohol. It is not very helpful for your scalp moisture.


A gorgeous head of hair is the only God-given thing that men can style. Take good care of it while you still can. I believe this article can help you take better care of your hair. Let me know how it goes in the comment section below, Until then, rock that hair!