eKuore electronic stethoscopeHealth is a fundamental aspect of life and technology is entering the sector. Nowadays, we live around technology, and it´s helping us to improve our lives, So what is not going to happen the same on health sector?

mHealth is a revolutionary concept, short for “Mobile Health” and is a way of integrating technology through mobile solutions to the healthcare sector. This way, the information will be available to both, healthcare professionals and patients.

In auscultation field, electronic stethoscopes have many benefits and applications for the different specialists and health care lines:

Primary care professionals

The electronic stethoscope is a very useful tool for primary care professionals:

  • More precision in the diagnosis, for its simplicity in the handling and, offers a good quality sound and adjustable sound.
  • It eliminates interdepartmental derivations. To get a diagnosis is easier with the electronic stethoscopes.
  • Facilitates to get a second opinion.  It´s possible to send the auscultation file to a specialist and get an immediate diagnosis.

Doctors with hearing loss

eKuore is a company based in Spain and has two different models of electronic stethoscopes: eKuore Pro and amplified eKuore Pro, specially designed for professionals with hearing loss:

  • It amplifies the sound. This is especially useful for doctors that are using hearing aids. The amplification of the eKuore stethoscope is significantly high about the not amplified version.
  • Compatible with headphones. In the cases that the doctor has open fit hearing aid is recommended to use over-ear headphones get better auscultation sound.
  • The amplified electronic stethoscope is also compatible with cochlear implants.


Electronic stethoscopes for paediatricians are a good choice because it reinforces the diagnosis from the parent’s point of view:

  • Marketing tool. eKuore Pro allows listening to the auscultation sound in living with the parents, simultaneous listening by a speaker.
  • Share the auscultation. To include the parents into the diagnosis of his children, to avoid situations of fear or nerves.
  • It´s adapt to the child size. The electronic stethoscope has different chestpieces that can be changed on the stethoscope to be adapted to the patient size.
  • More precise diagnosis. One characteristic is to switch between heart, lung and wide range filter.
  • Immediate second opinion. Paediatricians can send the auscultation sound to the specialist and get an immediate second opinion.
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Private clinics

The perfect tool for private clinics is the electronic stethoscope because it is a really good tool to differentiating your clinic from competence.

  • It allows telemedicine. With the electronics, the stethoscope is possible to attend patients from any point — this possibility the teleconsultation without need that the doctor goes to the patient domicile.  
  • It improves the efficiency of the system. The electronic stethoscope optimises the time of the doctors and the clinic resources because nurses can do the auscultation and then, the doctor can reproduce it and get a diagnosis.
  • It possibilities to see the phonogram. The patient and the doctor will see the phonogram and be sure that they are being attended by pioneering technology.
  • It allows introducing the patient into the diagnosis. It is easier to diagnosticate and to let the patient know better about its pathology.


It´s possible to integrate the electronic stethoscope to connect the device with a platform.

  • It avoids home visits. The nurse or assistant can visit the patient at his home, record the auscultation and send it to the doctor, improving the efficiency of the system.
  • API Integration. Every company can integrate the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope into their platform using the API. It is easier to follow the patient evolution.

Educational field

Electronic stethoscopes are a powerful tool for universities, learning centres and other health discipline students.

  • Learning improvement. It´s functionalities improve learning for detection of the different pathologies through auscultation.
  • It allows simultaneous listening up to 5 people, facilitating the teacher´s work.
  • Pathological sounds database. With eKuore Pro educational kit is included a pathological sound database identifying diseases with different registers of auscultation.
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Electronic stethoscopes are a great tool for primary care doctors, paediatricians and private clinics, as well as for doctors who are using hearing aids, telemedicine and universities. Do you want to try health technology? You can get an electronic stethoscope on eKuore´s website.