Herbalife Nutrition enjoyed a successful year in 2020 with many positive accolades and awards. The government of Thailand was the first to participate in Herbalife reviews, granting the company the Healthier Choice logo for use on its Formula 1 nutrition product packaging.

Four Thai agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Thai National Food Committee, and the Institute of Nutrition at Mahidol University, worked together to evaluate nutrition products for the endorsement. They specifically looked for product ingredients and easy-to-understand nutrition labels. With the Healthier Choice logo on Herbalife Nutrition’s packaging, busy consumers can feel confident they have made a good food choice.

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Germany awards Healthy Living Award for H24 Rebuild Strength product

DoldeMedien Verlag, a popular magazine in Germany, recognizes trends in healthy living each year. The magazine brings together a panel of professionals to vote on its Healthy Living Award, including:

  • Industry-leading chefs.
  • Personal trainers.
  • Recipe developers.
  • Sports journalists.

When conducting its Herbalife reviews, the panel felt that H24 Rebuild Strength stood out from similar nutrition products for its 25 grams of protein, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, low calories, amount of iron included, and several other criteria. The prestigious award confirms that numerous people depend on Herbalife Nutrition products to help them train and compete at a high level.

Best Quality Meal Replacement Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herbalife reviews in Bosnia and Herzegovina came straight from consumers themselves. More than 1,200 people chose Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 meal replacement health product as the best in its category. Herbalife also received the five-star Quality Medal known as QUDAL because of the consumer vote.

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The International Certification Association in this country asked people to rank meal replacement products for weight control according to the results they received while using them. Those who voted consistently stated that the Formula 1 met this description.

Herbalife Nutrition recognized four times by the Chinese quality control organization

The China Quality Inspection Association is the country’s most well-respected organization for ensuring quality control among consumer products. CQIA, which is under the direct supervision of China’s State Administration of Market Regulation, conducts quality inspections of manufacturing facilities and consumer products. Herbalife Nutrition received the following four awards from CQIA in 2020:

  • National Award for Consistent Production of Qualified Products Based on Quality Inspection.
  • National Award for Enterprises Demonstrating Quality and Integrity in Products and Services.
  • National Award for Leading Enterprise on Quality and Integrity.
  • National Award for the Leading Quality Brand in Health Foods Industry.

The corporate social responsibility award goes to Herbalife Nutrition in Mexico

The Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Mexican Center for Philanthropy awarded Herbalife Nutrition a Socially Responsible Company Award for 2020. Both Mexican organizations evaluate whether a company’s actions have a positive impact on the local community and its employees. For the 10th consecutive year, Herbalife Nutrition Mexico excelled in the following criteria to achieve the award:

  • Commitment to sustainability and the environment.
  • Compliance and ethics.
  • Engagement with the community.
  • Quality of life of employees.
  • Responsibility in product advertising.

Additional awards from around the world

Herbalife Nutrition wrapped up the year with the following awards and accolades:

  • Certification from the Peruvian Nutrition Society
  • Enterprise Technology Leadership, United States.
  • Golden Product Public Health Award, Vietnam.
  • Product of the Year, Spain.
  • Sports Nutrition Award, Ireland.
  • Social Selling, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Supply Chain Digital Transformation, United States.
  • Visionary Leadership, United States.
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The company deeply appreciates the recognition it received in 2020 and looks forward to helping even more customers meet their health and nutritional needs in 2021.