We all know that running will help you lose weight, increase energy, and lower chances of certain respiratory diseases, but there are also many other benefits to running, especially if you’re a daily practitioner. So if you don’t run, maybe these little-known benefits will make you change your mind

1. Meet New People

Many cities have various clubs and organizations where people gather to run designated 5k’s and other fun city courses. If you get involved with these clubs and organizations, you are more likely to meet fun and interesting people with a positive outlook on life. One of the benefits of running is stress reduction – another is positive energy fulfilment.

After a few sessions, you’ll find that by associating yourself with positive people and creating positive energy for yourself, your thought pattern and outlook on life will improve. These benefits will help you in all aspects of your life, including your work, relationships, and personal family situations.

2. Stay Fit Physically and Mentally

As I have stated previously, many people know the benefits involved with the physical attribution of running. If you run more and eat healthy (running actually will entice you to eat healthier), you will eventually lose weight and find a physical form you hadn’t seen since high school.

More importantly though, is the positive mental benefits of running. Regular exercise will make you mentally sharper and positive in your current life situation. Studies have shown that older individuals who run on a daily basis feel younger than those who do not. This intuitively makes sense, but the results show physically with the ability to work longer and think more clearly. After running consistently for a couple of months, you will find you’re able to accomplish more and stay positive in negative environments.

3. Goodbye Osteoarthritis

One of the biggest osteoarthritis risk factors is body weight. Over-weight individuals put excess stress and pressure on key joints that later may lead to osteoarthritis and other bone diseases. If you’re looking for the best way to avoid arthritis – run. Although it’s not wise to run while injured because it may cause more harm than good, if you’re healthy, running will strengthen joints and supporting muscle.

4. You’ll Live Longer

Avoiding diseases and various disabilities are great ways to avoid an untimely departure. More so, running will help you lower cholesterol levels and heart diseases caused by bad lifestyle habits. Studies have shown that people who run regularly are approximately 20% more likely to live longer, given the same eating habits and similar lifestyles. In short, if you want a happy and long life, running can’t hurt.

5. Running Will Make You Happier

Running is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition to this great attribute, running can also make you happier. Athletes have shown to obtain high serotonin levels than regular individuals. Through years of training and continual physical activity, athletes develop an abundance of serotonin. Scientifically, serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in all bilateral animals and can contribute to reproduction or mood inclination.

Simply put, athletes usually want to reproduce more and have positive personal mindsets. As you exercise more frequently, you will find that your serotonin levels will increase, causing positive mood inflation and sex drive.