Home Hospice Care 5 Things You Need to Make Yourself More Comfortable

Being at home and surrounded by loved ones is the best way to depart this world. It is much better than living out your last days in a strange place with strangers coming and going in your room. However, you have to have the right equipment to make home hospice care doable. Here is a look at five things you should have to make home hospice care more comfortable.

1. Oxygen

People who are ill enough to need hospice care almost always need oxygen. While they may not need it 24 hours a day, it can be a great relief to have an oxygen tank standing by if they begin to struggle to breathe. Those who have severely compromised breathing may need to be put on a ventilator.

2. Painkillers

One of the worst things about being terminally ill is that severe pain is often one of the symptoms. As terrible as it is for you to watch your loved one go through severe pain, imagine how much more terrible it is for them to experience it. Never fail to have an adequate supply of prescription pain medication with you at all times during home hospice care.

3. Hospital Bed

Corner Home Medical recommends that patients who are being cared for at home be allowed to rest in comfort in a hospital bed. When patients are severely debilitated thanks to advanced diseases, it feels like a miracle to be able to sit up instantly with the push of a button. Having patients in hospital beds also makes it easier on caregivers and loved ones who are taking care of them.

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4. Wheelchair

Being constantly bedridden is no kind of way to end a life. It is so much better if you can let the patient enjoy some mobility during home hospice care. The best way to do this is to use specialty wheelchairs like a Broda chair or an Invacare wheelchair.

5. Patient Lifts

Getting a patient with little or no mobility out of bed can be a real challenge. The task is made much easier by using a patient lift. This will make it a breeze to get the hospice patient into and out of bed. This will allow you to give them some occasional time in the wheelchair to relieve the monotony of being in bed.

Being at home is the best place to be at the end. You can care for your loved ones much easier if you have the right equipment. Make sure to get all the things you need to provide the most comfort for your loved ones as they enjoy their final days.