Increase Testosterone Levels

Get Your Testosterone Back On Track

Testosterone is responsible for an array of vital functions in a man’s body. From helping male genitals to form to putting hair on a man’s chest. According to Ageless Forever, up to 12% of men aged 47 and older have a testosterone deficiency, also known as hypogonadism. Not having an adequate amount of testosterone in the body can lead to complications such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, loss of bone mass and even a decrease in muscle mass.

The symptoms that a man experiences when they have a testosterone deficiency is often compared to the symptoms a women experiences when going through menopause. These symptoms can include fatigue, hot flashes, difficulty concentrating and a reduced sex drive.

Fortunately, research has provided several ways men can avoid a drop in testosterone levels. These body hacks help a man to stay strong, continue growing hair and ensures they are always able to perform in bed.

1. Peak Fitness Routine
While aerobics exercise has been found as a useless routine for gaining healthy testosterone levels, studies have found an intense Peak Fitness routine to be quite effective in boosting testosterone levels in men with low testosterone. These workouts usually last around twenty minutes. Intermittent fasting has also been found to be affected when combined with a Peak Fitness routine. This strategy will increase the expression of numerous substances in the body including:

  • Insulin
  • Leptin
  • Adiponectin
  • Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1)
  • Colecystokinin (CKK)
  • Melanocortins

With this effect, testosterone levels are boosted. Levels of libido is also increased and age-related testosterone levels are prevented.

2. Implement A Weight Loss Strategy

A study that was conducted at the Scientific Affairs Men’s Health-care concluded that testosterone can be an effective treatment option for obesity. The study focused on men with a testosterone deficiency. Men that are classified as obese have been found to have a lower level of testosterone than men who are not obese. The study provides clear evidence that a weight loss regimen can assist male subjects with increasing their natural production of testosterone.

A weight loss strategy should include both exercise and a balanced diet. A balanced diet does not mean a low-fat diet. Several studies have found the effects of saturated and monounsaturated fats useful for increasing testosterone levels in men. Top male enhancement pills have also been found as an effective way to boost testosterone temporarily in order to shed excess fat. Megadrox is such a product that increases natural occurring testosterone.

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3. Vitamin D

A study was conducted on a total of 200 healthy overweight male participants. The study observed the effect of vitamin D on the levels of testosterone in participants and compared the results to a group that was given a placebo. A total of 165 participants successfully completed the study. The results provided evidence of a significant increase in testosterone levels in the group that was given a vitamin D supplement each day for a total of 365 days. Levels of total testosterone, bioactive testosterone and free testosterone improved in all patients who consumed vitamin D, whereas no significant effect was observed among the participants who were given a placebo.

4. Get More Sleep

The body recharges and conducts a variety of functions while we are sleeping. A study also confirmed that a prolonged period of wakefulness causes a decrease in testosterone levels. It was also found that testosterone levels have a direct impact on the ability to fall asleep in participants. Another study focused on men aged 65 and older. All of these men had low levels of testosterone. The low testosterone levels were associated with a reduction in sleep efficiency and nocturnal awakenings was increased. Anabolic Men reports that each extra hour of sleep a man gets provides them with approximately 15% additional testosterone.

5. Stress Management

A study was performed on 100 male subjects to determine the effects of stress hormones on levels of natural testosterone in the body. Measurements of free testosterone and total testosterone levels were observed during several intervals in the study. Levels of testosterone greatly decreased after a set period of advanced stress placed on the participants’ stress hormones. Stress, including anxiety and depression, is known to cause problems with a man’s sexual performance capabilities. Managing stress better can help increase the level of natural occurring testosterone in the body. Meditation and a dose of anti-depressants can be a way to combat and relief high levels of stress.

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6. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar have been associated with lower cholesterol levels in recent studies. A study that was conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital took 74 men aged 19 to 74 years to observe the effects of glucose on levels of natural testosterone. A 75g oral glucose tolerance test was performed on the participants and blood samples were taken every 30 minutes until 120 minutes has passed. The results provided evidence of a 25% drop in testosterone levels after glucose was consumed. Levels of testosterone in 15% of the participants dropped to the hypogonadal range. Testosterone was still at a reduced level after 120 minutes. The study confirms that a reduction in sugar intake in male subjects and lead to higher levels of testosterone.

7. Zinc Up Your Body

Zinc is a powerful supplement that provide the human body with numerous benefits. Zinc deficiency is widespread throughout the United States and can lead to hair loss, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, low immunity, poor concentration and even lower levels of testosterone, according to a study by the Department of Internal Medicine. The study observed levels of testosterone in 40 men. During the study, zinc levels was observed and compared to testosterone levels, before and after zinc supplements were given to the participants. Levels of natural testosterone in the participants almost doubled after the study period was completed. The results provided evidence that zinc plays an important role on the testosterone levels of men.


With a decrease in testosterone levels comes numerous symptoms that can be unpleasant. The most common symptom that affects men directly is problems with their sexual abilities. By implementing a range of small lifestyle changes, men are able to gain an increase in testosterone levels. This leads to increased concentration, fatigue is alleviated and sexual performance issues can be avoided.